What is LEAD.Lab

The LEAD.lab (Leadership Lab) is a knowledge centre of Católica Porto Business School. It views leadership as a process that involves led and leaders. It believes that the performance of teams and organisations results from this process of reciprocal influence - and that good organisations require good leaders and good led. Within this framework, LEAD.lab's mission is contribute to humanized, virtuous and effective leadership of teams and organisations. Its fundamental goal is to generate knowledge, especially in the leadership area, through a two-way process: the merging knowledge of research carried out in organizations is disseminated/ transferred to them.

LEAD.lab generates a leadership barometer, enabling partners to achieve two objectives:

  • To assess their leadership practices against the general trend identified in a set of organizations;
  • Monitor the evolution of these practices over time. The barometer involves two large domains / interrelated levels: leadership and the teams led.

LEAD.lab also performs organisational climate diagnostics that provide organisations with information relevant to decision making in the areas of leadership and people management, including identifying training needs. The diagnostics are customized and designed according to the partners and clients’ needs. 

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