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Carlos Carneiro

Carlos Carneiro

Lawyer and Coordinator of the Office of Legal and Litigation Support

Caixa de Crédito Agricola Mútuo - Região de Bragança e Alto Douro CRL

Today, lawyers are confronted with increasingly selective challenges - particularly from areas where law crosses with economic and business and financial activities. And the PGML is precisely providing a wide range of skills, of high level and practical utility, in areas that traditionally ran out of lawyers.

With an excellent faculty and a high level of organization, demand, rigor and methodology, the PGML is a fundamental instrument for the legal professional who does not settle and he wishes to go beyond a traditional practice of advocacy.

The knowledge is transmitted in an interactive way, involving its participants in the elaboration of works and seminars, culminating the Program with a Workshop that examines in real context a great investment project. The Workshop aims the integrated application of topics taught in various disciplines, throughout the PGGJ, leading to the elaboration by the participants of an analysis work that open windows to a consultancy activity that is closed to the great majority of jurists.

In short, the PGGJ not only provides a practice of advocacy in entirely new areas, but also allows a better understanding and application of the most traditional fields of law.

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