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Director's Testimony

The growth of the economy depends on the effectiveness/efficiency of its organisations and the Healthcare sector has considerable weight. The way to develop this effectiveness/efficiency is by increasing the value that organisations deliver to customers, which in the specific case of the Healthcare sector, is the patient. More value means increasing satisfaction at a lower cost.

In this framework, the efficient management of Health Units is necessary, providing better economic results and improving patient satisfaction. Questioning and optimising processes, making them more simple and efficient, should be the culture of all health professionals.
Health professionals should be trained in problem-solving and problem-solving tools that enable them to achieve their goals. In Kaizen, we say that the goal of managers is to solve problems. We consider a problem any deviation between a current state and a goal state.

Participants will be provided with methodologies of continuous improvement that can be applied immediately to enhance the results of the health units they integrate. 


: Provide to the participants continuous improvement tools with immediate applications and that provide better performance on healthcare processes. The tools included in this course cover methodologies focused on different themes and that are crucial to the good performance of healthcare services. The methodologies are subdivided in 3 groups and have 3 complementary focus: Team Management, Quality and Efficiency.

Who attends

Top Managers of Healthcare Organisations, Department Directors in Healthcare Organisations and other professionals that develop or desire to develop their professional activity in Healthcare Units.

Candidates Profile

Applicants must have a high education degree. Candidates who do not have this requirement may be accepted provided their background and knowledge acquired by professional experience justify such admission.

The process of selection and ranking of candidates will be done according to the requirements defined in the Regulation governing this training and always based on curricular and professional judgment, taking into account the submission order of the respective applications.



60 hours


To be announced


Fridays 2.30 pm - 6.30pm

Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm

Programme Director

António Costa


Católica Porto Business School


Logotipo Kaizen Institute

The Kaizen Institute is Leader in Implementing Continuous Improvement Projects with a strong presence in the health sector. It has successful national and international experience in both the private and public sectors.


An initial seminar will be held to introduce the theme of Kaizen Lean Healthcare, highlighting the results these tools drive in terms of health unit performance.

The classes will be taught in a theoretical and practical environment, using simulation games and practical exercises to demonstrate the tools presented.

Visits to health units are planned, with the objective of observing the real of Kaizen Lean tools in the Healthcare Sector.


You can make your online application here.

You can also deliver your application personally at the administrative offices of the school or mail to:

Católica Porto Business School
Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327
4169-005 Porto

Elements for Application:

  • Duly completed application form;
  • Detailed CV;
  • An updated photograph;
  • Identification Document photocopy / Taxpayer Card;



1 750€ + VAT

Partial fee

An isolated module: 650 € + VAT
Two modules: 1200 € + VAT

Payment Policy

When applying it should be paid 10% of the programme's amount. Thremaining amount must be settled in accordance with the payment schedule set. VAT at the legal rate must be added to all prices.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of an entry within 15 days prior to the start of the programme will lead to no reimbursement of the registration fee. A no-show or cancellation of a registration after the start of theprogramme involves its full payment. In certain circumstances, the Católica Porto Business School may postpone or cancel the implementation of aprogramme and in that case shall return in full all the amounts charged.

Special Conditions

The attendance fee will have a 10% discount in case there are two enrolments from the same institution or 15% for three or more enrolments. Former students of Catholic University and EGE - Business Management School will benefit from a 10% discount. 15% discount for Healthcare Management Alumni. AEP Members will have a 10% discount and the associated AEP Plus benefit of a deduction of 13%. 

Discounts are not cumulative.


Executive coordination

Margarida Mota


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