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Focusing on the promotion of students personal and professional development, and the connection to the business community and the entire business alumni network, the Career and Development Office is the strategic hub of Católica Porto Business School bringing together students, companies, teachers, alumni and pre-university students.

On the one hand, the goal of the Career and Development Office is to contribute to the promotion of personal and professional development of students and graduates of the Católica Porto Business School, thereby enhancing their employability. On the other hand, it seeks to listen to and respond to the needs and expectations of the labour market initiatives and to promote closer cooperation across a national and international network of strategic partners.

Apart from intervening with undergraduates, masters, executive education, employers, business alumni and education development the Career and Development Office introduces the Católica Porto Business School teaching-learning project to primary and secondary schools through a range of initiatives available to pre-university students.

Career and Development Office had its origin in 2006 as ISP (Individual Skills Portfolio) - a project funded at national level and later in the following year at international level through the EETUE.

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International Recognition


OECD - Logótipo

The Career and Development Office (under the name of Individual Skills Portfolio - ISP) has been recognised by the OECD in 2010 as an innovative initiative of curriculum development in the context of higher education.

OECD-IMHE (2010). Learning, working, networking: quality teaching initiatives at the Portuguese Catholic University. Final Report, 10 November 2010.

In 2012, Career and Development Office held a consulting job in an international project - the PoMoC.

PoMoC - The professional activation of university graduates using the Portuguese Model of Coaching in the Lodzkie region

PoMoC - Logótipo

The project goal is to promote the employability of graduates of the Lodz region, implementing the coaching model developed by the Career and Development Office. The role of the Career and Development Office is to share knowledge and experience with the Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship, assisting in the adaptation of the coaching model used in Portugal to the specific needs, objectives and context. The project also involves the design of a research methodology that will do the needs assessment with regard to the expectations of entrepreneurs in relation to job seekers in Poland, specifically in Lodz.

The project began in October 2012 and will end in June 2014. It is funded by the Human Capital Operational Programme (European Social Fund).

New Skills Network (2012)

New Skills Network - Logótipo

In May 2012, the Career and Development Office received the most active project prize, awarded by the organisation of the European conference Skills for the Future, held in Copenhagen. The Skills for the Future conference was held in the scope of the European project New Skills Network, made up of 14 partner countries, coordinated by the National Agency of Iceland, which aims to discuss ways to develop skills for a labour market in constant evolution.

EETUE – Employability & Entrepreneurship: Tuning Universities & Enterprises

EETUE - Logótipo

Developed between 2007 and 2009, the EETUE project aimed to contribute to the modernisation of higher education institutions (HEIs) through the adjustment of curricula to the needs of the labour market, involving the representatives of the surrounding business community in defining, promoting and validating soft skills. The project, funded by the Erasmus Programme - Lifelong Learning Programme was coordinated by the Católica Porto Business School of Portuguese Catholic University in Porto and had the involvement of the University of Salford (UK), the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Promotion (Poland), the Audencia School of Management (France) and the University of Southern Denmark (Denmark) and it was also supported by the Business Association of Portugal - AEP (Portugal).

Further information on the project website


Career and Development Office has a team of psychologists working in the different operational areas:

Valquíria Dias
Valquíria Dias: Head of Career and Development Office | 226196223 (Office EC 109)

Raquel Teixeira
Raquel Teixeira | 226196239 (Office EC 110)

Débora Coutinho
Débora Coutinho | 226196238 (Office EC 109)

Joana Teixeira
Joana Teixeira | 226196229/253 (Office EC 110)

Maria Andresen
Maria Andresen | 226196229/253 (Office EC 109)

Sara Silva
Sara Silva | 226196229/253 (Office EC 110)

Marta Basto
Marta Basto | 226196229/253 (Office EC 110)

Alexandra Coelho
Alexandra Coelho | 226196229/253 (Office EC 109)

Joana Gomes
Joana Marques | 226196229/253 (Office EC 110)

Mariana Tavares
Mariana Tavares | 226196229/253 (Office EC 110)

Liliana Ferreira
Liliana Ferreira | 226196229/253 (Office EC 110)

Career Opportunities

Job Teaser

The Career and Development Office provides job offers, national and international ones, for current and former students.

You may check job opportunities, including, offers from the school’s partner companies, in the Career and Development Office’s online platform – your career’s management portal.

In addition to the access to career opportunities, the Career and Development Office’s online platform allows you to get to know events organised by current and former students, schedule meetings and have access to our resources related with academic and professional development.

To sign up, you must use your e-mail from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, by introducing your student’s number associating it with the domain If it is necessary to recover the access to your e-mail account, please click on the link.

To access and explore the portal and the available opportunities please click here. To make an application, access career events and get to know the different initiative from the Career and Development Office you must use your e-mail from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, by introducing your student’s number associating it with the domain If it is necessary to recover the access to your e-mail account, please click on the link.

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Católica Porto Business School and EFMD Global Network provide a portal to access career opportunities, mainly international, for students and alumni. In addition the portal allows online assessments.

To explore the portal sign in with Universidade Católica Portuguesa personal e-mail account, entering your student number in association with the domain To recover your account access please use the link.

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