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Católica Business Schools Alliance


The Católica Business Schools Alliance is a strategic alliance founded by the Católica Porto Business School and Católica Luanda Business School in 2012, after the positive experience of the MBA Atlantic and it intends to further this cooperation work, extending it to new programmes and partners in the Portuguese-speaking world. Anchored in a joint project that takes advantage of complementarity and existing diversity among partners, the alliance's ambition is to build a global network of business schools to become a benchmark for business education in the world of the Portuguese language.

By integrating schools with a wealth of experience and strong presence in each of the local markets, the alliance also ranks as a privileged platform to establish and promote links between business agents and managers in various geographies and thus constituting itself as a technology and knowledge transfer chamber among a very wide network facilitating cooperation projects among international economy.

With its formalisation, the Católica Business Schools Alliance welcomes the Atlantic MBA programme, reinforcing its role as an anchor programme in building this partnership. The Alliance welcomes, too, a set of programmes offered in an open regime at the Catholic University of Angola, as well as several customised programmes for companies such as Sonangol and Standard Bank.


The Católica Business Schools Alliance’s mission is to provide non-profit organisations access to human capital and knowledge, which are essential to a competitive and sustainable presence in the global business world.

Anchored in the network of Catholic universities, the alliance is based on the common values of Christian humanism, forecasting the development of individuals and organisations to build a balanced and sustainable society with respect for freedom of initiative and functioning of markets.

10 Reasons to choose us

  • Network of Catholic universities which monitors companies in internationalisation processes;
  • Commitment to an economic diplomacy network with Lusophone base;
  • Modular approach to training throughout life that accompanies your professional development and that recognises the credits in any of the alliance's schools;
  • International reputation of the Catholic brand;
  • Available and able partners to design and adapt programmes to suit your needs;
  • Experience in developing academies and Corporate Universities, as a tool for leadership and change management;
  • Business Alumni: a global network with unlimited networking opportunities;
  • Initiative strategic leadership focused on innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Academic and business partners in Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Macau (China) and constantly expanding;
  • Firm commitment to train future leaders.

Open Programmes

  • MBA Atlantic
  • Executive Master in Banking Management
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Financial Management
  • Trading Exchange of Financial Assets
  • Graduate Diploma in Banking Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Mini MBA
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing and Commercial Direction

In Company Programmes

The Católica Business Schools Alliance has performed as an experienced partner, ready to assist companies in the development of human resources, combining the identification of talent with career management through plans and personal development programmes for employees, either at technical level, or in terms of behavioural skills necessary for the performance of their duties. In this sense, the alliance works in cooperation with those responsible for human resources, contextualising and matching training plans with the strategic objectives of the organisation.

This support to the development of human capital is usually framed by development plans of academies and corporate universities organisations, in which the Católica Porto Business School has experience with projects carried out in Portugal and Angola.

Pedro Pinto Coelho

Pedro Pinto Coelho


Standard Bank de Angola

The Bank Management programme is a milestone in Standard Bank of Angola. In cooperation with the Catholic University a programme has been designed that will allow future leaders of the bank to obtain fundamental knowledge. This knowledge is crucial to allow the high potential of young Angolans progression in their career. This progression can be made only if knowledge is acquired outside the areas where they act today. The banking business is complex and it covers a variety of materials which does not allow the developer to assimilate even if there is a rotation plan along several areas. We believe that particularly in Angola where it is necessary to accelerate the growth process of these young Angolans, the Bank Management Programme is a very useful tool. On completion of the programme it is our expectation that these young people can deeply understand how a bank is run and what the critical success factors for a good performance of the institution are.

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