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Founded in 1991, the CEGEA - Research Centre in Management and Applied Economics provides the community with the resources and capabilities of the Católica Porto Business School. The CEGEA combines research capacity and academic independence with the attention to customer characteristic of a consulting firm.

Areas of activity and customers

The studies carried out by CEGEA spread over the various areas of Economics and Management from Industrial Economics, Competition and Regulation to Marketing, from Rural Economy, Environment and Natural Resources to International Business, or from Social Economy to Human Resources Management. While this does not constitute a limitation to its activities, CEGEA focuses on subjects of particular relevance to the community in which it operates, in particular to the North of Portugal.

With more than 20 years of activity, CEGEA has a long list of costumers. The business world is represented by firms (such as ADIRA, EDP, Metro do Porto, Solverde, SONAE, SPGM, TAP or Unilever Jerónimo Martins), trade associations (such as Associação Empresarial de Portugal and trade associations for such diverse industries as footwear, pharmaceuticals, and moulds) and also “competitiveness poles” (such as PRODUTECH and the Fashion Industry competitiveness pole). CEGEA also works regularly with regulatory agencies (ie., the regulatory agencies for Health, Media, and Road Transports, and also the Competition Authority), government and other administrative bodies (i.e., the Ministries for Economics and Environment, the procurement agency for the Health Ministry, the Portuguese investment and external trade agency, the Coordination and Development Committee for Northern Portugal) and international institutions (such as OECD and the European Commission). But CEGEA’s costumers also include a variety of other institutions such as Associação Comercial do Porto, Porto Derivatives Exchange, the National Confederation of Solidarity Institutions, the National Federation of Dairy Cooperatives, BIAL Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, Prelada Hospital, the Institute of Douro and Porto Wines, the Portuguese Professional Footbal League, the Dentists Bar, among many others.

Technical team

As an interface body between the Católica Porto Business School and the community, CEGEA resorts to the school’s faculty in its activities: the Católica Porto Business School currently employs about fifty doctorates who allow answers to requests from most areas of Management and Economics. Meet the faculty.

The CEGEA also benefits from its inclusion in the Portuguese Catholic University and may, depending on the nature of the work to develop, resort to the faculty of its other schools, particularly in the field of law. In addition, the CEGEA often collaborates with other national and international research centres.

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Some CEGEA’s Projects


By request of APSA, CEGEA carried out a cost-benefit analysis of the 3rd phase of expansion of the East Pier, considering both the private and social value of the project. Private value was determined by calculating the present value of the incremental cash-flows generated by the investment while its social value was determined using an input-output model to quantify the direct, indirect and induced effects on GVA, GDP and employment.

Quarterly, APCOR releases to its members a Bulletin, prepared by CEGEA, which analyzes the evolution of international cork markets, both in aggregate terms and for the different types of products of the industry.

The World Footwear Yearbook, now in its nineth edition, is the leading source of statistical information on the footwear industry worldwide, featuring detailed listings of dozens of countries and a synthesis of the evolution of the industry in the world over the last decade. The CEGEA ensures the scientific coordination of this yearbook which is an initiative of APICCAPS, the representative association of the Portuguese footwear industry.

CEGEA advised Ascendi, responsible for the management of some of the main Portuguese highways, in the preparation and implementation of its first Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The Competition Authority, applying a methodology developed by the OECD, carried out a competitive assessment of the rules applicable to certain transport activities and in most of the liberal professions. In this context, CEGEA advised the AdC with the preparation of a synthesis of the relevant scientific literature and with quantitative studies on the impact of certain norms applicable to driving schools, port pilotage services and access to the status of lawyer.


By request of the Chamber of Commerce of Ponta Delgada, CEGEA studied the economic reality of three Azorean counties (Ribeira Grande, Ponta Delgada and Vila do Porto) and proposed a set of actions to support the respective business fabric.

The Espinho City Council commissioned CEGEA to conduct a comparative analysis, from the economic and financial point of view, of three alternative solutions for the exploration of surface parking in the city.

The Matosinhos City Hall invited CEGEA to evaluate the efficiency of its Rent Support Programme and to analyze any existing deviations from its goals. The study concluded that this is a successful program with numerous advantages for both, families supported and the Matosinhos city. Proposals were presented in order to address the identified difficulties.

CEGEA has prepared for Porto City Council a report on the impact of short-term tourist accomodation on the city's housing market. The objective was to provide empirical evidence, geographically disaggregated, relevant to support the discussion on the possible need for public intervention in these markets.

For COTEC Portugal, CEGEA analyzed 4 cases of implementation of the Industry 4.0 paradigm in the health sector and estimated the economic impact that would result from their generalization in the Portuguese health system.

Based on the analysis of the Docapesca cost structure and foreseeable development, as well as on the consequent investment needs resulting from national and European Community obligations, this study evaluates the impact of fees on the first sale of fish on economic performance and investment capacity of Docapesca.

"Since 2013, CEGEA has been supporting the EDP Group, through the Ethics Ombudsman Office, in developing mechanisms and processes for ethical performance management. Among the projects developed with CEGEA’s assistance, the following standout: the revision of EDP’s Code of Ethics and its Regulations; the development of specific Codes of Conduct; the definition of performance indicators; the design, development, and implementation of training programmes, both online and face-to-face, both internal to the Group - welcome, transversal, senior management and intermediate managers - and directed to its service providers. Initiatives in the field of communication and awareness (internal and external) and the development of case studies have also had the participation of CEGEA."

Efimóveis resorted to CEGEA to conduct a market study aimed at understanding the preferences of potential consumers of some of its real estate projects in the Porto Metropolitan Area

The approval of the European Banking Union led FENACAM to commission CEGEA to conduct an in depth study of the situation and challenges faced by cooperative credit banks in Portugal. The report prepared by CEGEA starts by presenting the historic origins of cooperative banks, discusses their virtues and handicaps, and summarizes the relevant international evidence before proceeding to the analysis of the current situation of agricultural cooperative credit banks in Portugal. A discussion of the repercussions of the European Banking Union, particularly to the governance of these institutions and to the restructuring of the Mutual Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund, then follows. The report closes with recommendations concerning FENACAM’s activity.

For the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, CEGEA made a diagnosis of Non-Governmental Organisations in Portugal. Starting with a proposed definition of NGOs, the study presents a database of these organisations and a review of their internal structure, particularly as regards their governance model and management practices, human resources, equipment, funding, networking and public entities relations.

In a study funded by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, CEGEA investigated the potential for diversification of the Portuguese productive structure and its foreseeable impact on national GDP. The study analyzed the institutional conditions necessary to realize the opportunities for diversification in the clusters of production technologies and the aeronautical, space and defense industries.

Futebol Clube do Porto turned to CEGEA for support in defining the relationship model with their delegations / houses. Based on a diagnosis of the current situation and a national and international benchmarking exercise, CEGEA presented a set of strategic proposals.

In collaboration with IDARN, CEGEA studied the potential of the endogenous resources of the Tâmega and Sousa Intermunicipal Community in the hunting and fishery domains.

After the financial crisis of 2008-2009, mutual guarantees gained great relevance in the Portuguese financial system. CEGEA has been supporting SPGM in the evaluation of the impact that this financial product has on the Portuguese economy. The most recent study confirmed the benefits to users of mutual guarantees in the form of increased access and lower cost of finance, which have a positive impact on investment, employment and a higher probability of survival. The study also quantified the impact of the mutual guarantees on national GDP and employment.

In 2019, CEGEA advised Super Bock on analyzing the competitive impact of its business practices.

Complete List of Works

Assessment of Public Policies and Investment Projects
  • Evaluation of the Implementation of Portugal 2020 Incentive Systems (Ernst & Young, SA |Augusto Mateus & Associados, ongoing)
  • Economic Assessment of Public Transport Systems under the RJSPTP (MPT, ongoing)
  • Economic Assessment in Alternative Investment Scenarios (STCP - Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto, S.A., 2019)
  • The Economic Impact of the Portuguese Mutual Guarantee Scheme – 2011-2016 (SPGM Sociedade de Investimento, S.A., 2019)
  • Evaluation of Services and Programs for the Textile, Apparel and Fashion Industries (CENIT, 2018)
  • Third Stage of Expansion the East Breakwater: Cost Benefit Analysis of Investment (Administração do Porto de Sines, 2017)
  • Analysis of Scenarios for Fleet Maintenance Services (STCP - Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto, S.A., 2016)
  • The Economic Impact of the Portuguese Mutual Guarantee Scheme (SPGM Sociedade Portuguesa de Garantia Mútua, 2016)
  • Impact of a Policy of Gratuity and Reuse of Textbooks in Portugal (APEL, 2016)
  • Opportunity Analysis for the Construction of a New Deepwater Terminal in Portugal (Associação Comercial do Porto, 2016)
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment in Smart Grids (EDP Energias de Portugal, 2015)
  • Economic Feasibility Study (EUROSCUT Açores, 2014)
  • Legislative Impact Assessment: The Higher Education Funding Act and the Drugs Act (FFMS Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 2012)
  • The Economic Impact of the Portuguese Mutual Guarantee Scheme (SPGM Sociedade Portuguesa de Garantia Mútua, 2011)
  • Economic Value of the Construction of New Dams for Hydroelectric Power Production in Portugal (EDP, 2009)
  • The Economic Impact of the Portuguese Mutual Guarantee Scheme (SPGM Sociedade Portuguesa de Garantia Mútua, 2009)
  • Assessment of Applications to the PROVERE Programme: Advice (CCDRN, 2009)
  • Economic Assessment of the Relative Merit of the "Portela + 1" Option (Associação Comercial do Porto, 2007)
  • Assessment of the Impact of the 4th Quality Conference (4th QC) (Direção-Geral da Administração e do Emprego Público, 2007)
  • The Economic Impact of the Organization of UEFA Euro 2004 in Portugal (with ISEG, Universidade do Minho and Universidade do Algarve. Portugal 2004 S.A., 2004).
  • IN.FASHION.PT – Monitoring (CENESTAP, 2004)
  • Europarque Internationalization – Monitoring (Europarque – Centro Económico e Cultural, 2002)
  • Assessment of PEDIP II (with CEA-UCP. GEPE – Gabinete de Estudos e Prospetiva Económica, 2001)
Competition and Regulation
  • The Regulatory State in Portugal – Evolution and Performance (Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, ongoing )
  • Study to Define the Damage Caused by Companies Agreements (PARQUE ESCOLAR, ongoing)
  • Economic Consulting Services - off-trade (Super Bock Bebidas, S.A., ongoing)
  • Consultancy on Competition Proceedings (MSC – Terminal do Entroncamento, S.A., 2019)
  • Economic Consulting Services - on trade (Super Bock Bebidas, S.A., 2019)
  • Expert Witness Report on a NOS vs MEO Competition Case (Instituto de Gestão Financeira e Equipamentos da Justiça, I.P., 2018)
  • Support Studies for Competition Assessment in the Transportation Industries and Liberal Professions (Autoridade da Concorrência, 2018)
  • Economic Consulting on a Portuguese Competition Authority´s Process (UNILEVER, 2018)
  • Economic Consulting (Bakery Donuts, 2018)
  • Economic Advice on State Aid for Funchal – Portimão Maritime Transportation (PLMJ Advogados, 2017)
  • Economic Consultancy in the SIBS/UNICRE Concentration Operation (APED -Associação Portuguesa de Empresas de Distribuição, 2017)
  • Consultancy on LRIC Cost Models for Fixed Termination Service (NOS Comunicações S.A., 2014)
  • The Legal Framework of Business-to-Business Unfair Trading Practices in the Retail Supply Chain (College of Europe, 2014)
  • Governance of European Ports (Associação Comercial do Porto, 2012)
  • Monitoring of the Ice Cream Market (Unilever – Jerónimo Martins, 2012)
  • Monitoring and Supervision of Compliance with the Commitments Set in Process CCENT. Nº 57/2006 - TAP/PGA (TAP, 2008-2012)
  • Characterization of the Major Portuguese Media Economic Groups – 2011 Edition (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social, 2012)
  • Competition Barometer for the Telecommunications Sector (APRITEL, 2010)
  • Production Cost of Public Transport Networks in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (Autoridade Metropolitana de Transportes de Lisboa, 2010)
  • Characterization of the Major Portuguese Media Economic Groups (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social, 2010)
  • Economic Analysis of the Impact of the Acquisition of Media Capital by Ongoing (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social, 2009)
  • Characterization of the Major Portuguese Media Economic Groups (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social, 2009)
  • Operation and Maintenance Costs of the Porto Metropolitan Area Light Metro System (Metro do Porto, S.A., 2009)
  • Characterization of the Major Portuguese Media Economic Groups (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social, 2008)
  • Acquisition of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Consumables by the Portuguese NHS (Autoridade da Concorrência, 2007)
  • Opinion on the Draft Law on the Limits on Concentration of Ownership in Media (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social, 2006)
  • Market Structure in Substitution Treatment for the Renal Function in Portugal (Entidade Reguladora da Saúde, 2007)
  • The Competitive Situation in the Community Pharmacy Sector (Autoridade da Concorrência, 2005)
  • The Rates of Multi-municipal Systems: Proposals for Review of the Calculation Formula (Águas de Portugal, 2005)
  • Use Rates for the Railway Infrastructure Usage (with UAL. Instituto Nacional do Transporte Ferroviário, 2000).
Industrial Economics, Sectorial and Strategy Studies
  • Quarterly Analysis of Business Conditions in the Portuguese Footwear Industry (APICCAPS, 1995-...)
  • Strategic Benchmarking 2019 (APICCAPS, ongoing)
  • Statistical Monograph – Footwear Cluster 2019 (APICCAPS , ongoing)
  • Strategic Sector Study: From the Forest to the Consumer (APCOR – Portuguese Cork Association, ongoing)
  • Characterisation, Analysis and Strategic Orientations for the Wood and Furniture Industries (AIMMP – Association of Wood and Furniture Industries of Portugal, ongoing)
  • External Evaluation of the Supply Upgrading Program 2017-2018 (APICCAPS, 2018)
  • National Content of Products of the Equipment Industry (AEP, 2018)
  • National Content of Products of the Homeware Industry (AEP, 2018)
  • Diversification and Growth of the Portuguese Economy (Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 2018)
  • Statistical Monograph – Footwear Cluster 2018 (APICCAPS, 2018)
  • Strategic Plan for the Portuguese Foundry Industry (Associação Portuguesa da Fundição,2018)
  • “Orienta Empresas” – Proposal of Actions to Support Entrepeneurial Activity in Eastern Azores – Municipalities of Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande, and Vila do Porto (Câmara de Comércio e Indústria de Ponta Delgada, 2018
  • Strategy 2020: Apparel and Fashion (CENIT, 2018)
  • Economic and Financial Situation of the Footwear Industry: A Benchmarking Analysis 2007-2016 (APICCAPS, 2017)
  • National Content of Products of the Food Cluster (AEP, 2017)
  • Statistical Monograph - Footwear Cluster 2017 (APICCAPS, 2017)
  • External Evaluation of the Supply Upgrading Program (APICCAPS,2016)
  • Economic and Financial Situation of the Footwear Industry: A Benchmarking Analysis 2013-2015 (APICCAPS, 2016)
  • Statistical Monograph - Footwear Cluster 2016 (APICCAPS, 2016)
  • Restructuring of the Business Conditions Bulletin (APICCAPS, 2016)
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Rates on First Sale of Fish (DOCAPESCA, 2015)
  • The Footwear Cluster: Financial Flows and Needs (Banco Santander Totta, 2015)
  • Statistical Monograph of the Footwear Sector in 2015 (APICCAPS, 2015)
  • Economic and Financial Situation of the Footwear Cluster Companies 2010-2013 (APICCAPS, 2015)
  • Cork 2011/2013: Industry Characterization Study – Statistics and Forecasting (APCOR, 2015)
  • Rates on First Sale of Fish: Analysis of the Impact in the Economic Performance of Docapesca (DOCAPESCA, 2015)
  • Economic and Financial Situation of the Footwear Industry: A Benchmarking Analysis 2010-2012 (APICCAPS, 2014)
  • Support for the Preparation of FOOTURE 2020 - Footwear Cluster Strategic Plan (APICCAPS, 2014)
  • Statistical Monograph of the Footwear Sector in 2014 (APICCAPS, 2014)
  • Study for the Development of an Information and Strategic Intelligence System (PRODUTECH, 2013)
  • Statistical Monograph of the Footwear 2013 (APICCAPS, 2013)
  • Analysis of Total In - and Out-Patient Costs at GP Practice Level (Aston Business School, 2013)
  • Innovation Dynamics in the Portuguese Footwear Sector - Case Studies (INESC-TEC, 2011)
  • Statistical Monograph of the Footwear Sector in 2010 (APICCAPS, 2011)
  • Professional Football in Portugal: A Strategic Reflection on the Sustainability of the Industry (LPFP, 2011)
  • Evaluation of the Impact of the Opening of Casino Solverde (Solverde, 2011)
  • The Economic and Financial Situation of the Footwear Industry: A Benchmarking Analysis (APICCAPS, 2011)
  • Footwear, Components and Leather Goods - Statistical Monograph 2009 (APICCAPS, 2010)
  • The Economic and Financial Situation of the Footwear Industry: A Benchmarking Analysis (APICCAPS, 2009)
  • Action Plan for the Development of the Fashion Cluster (Pólo de Competitividade da Moda, 2009)
  • Analysis of Total In- and Out-Patient Costs at GP Practice Level (Aston Business School, 2009)
  • Footwear, Components and Leather Goods - Statistical Monograph 2008 (APICCAPS, 2009)
  • Generic Characterization of the Advertising Market in Portugal (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social, 2009)
  • Assessment of the Economic and Financial Capacity Criteria of Candidates for the Limited Tender by Previous Qualification for the Sub-concession of the Light Rail System Operation and Maintenance Services of Porto (Metro do Porto, S.A., 2009)
  • Constitution of the Fashion Cluster: Consultancy (Associação Pólo de Competitividade da Moda, 2009)
  • FOOTure 2015 - Action Programme for the Footwear Industry (APICCAPS 2008)
  • Analysis of Business Models, Critical Factors of Competitiveness and New Cooperation Models and Networks in the Footwear Industry (APICCAPS, 2008)
  • Informal Economy in Portugal (COTEC, 2008)
  • The Installation of New Shops According to the Law 12/2004 (Confederação do Comércio e Serviços de Portugal, 2007)
  • Strategic Plan for Douro and Porto Wines (with Quaternaire Portugal. Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto, 2007)
  • Footwear, Components and Leather Goods: An Industry in Transformation – Statistical Monograph (APICCAPS, 2007)
  • Strategic Plan for the Footwear Industry 2007-2013 (APICCAPS, 2007)
  • Contribution to Medium-Term Action 2004-2005 (APICCAPS, 2005)
  • Footwear, Components and Leather Goods: An Industry in Transformation – Statistical Monograph (APICCAPS, 2005)
  • Operationalisation Study of a Seed-Capital Structure in the ATICE Sectors (AURN, 2005)
  • The Impact of the Pharmaceutical Industry on the Government Budget (APIFARMA, 2005)
  • Cost Policy in Diagnosis Appointments (Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas, 2004)
  • Consulting Services in the Constitution and Animation of the Project Community of Practice (AEP, 2004)
  • Study on the Evolution Trends for the Portuguese Mould Industry Major Client Industries (Cefamol, 2004)
  • Quarterly Bulletin of Business Conditions for the Port Wine Trade (Instituto do Vinho do Porto, 2001-2003)
  • The Portuguese Footwear Industry - Strategic Plan 2000-2006 (APICCAPS, 2001)
  • The Cork Industry in the Iberian Peninsula: Recent Developments and Medium Term Expectations (Ação integrada Luso-Espanhola. CRUP, 2001)
  • Technical Study on Sources and Modalities of Financing and their Applicability to the Mould Industry (CEFAMOL - Associação Nacional da Indústria de Moldes, 2000).
  • Addenda to the Quarterly Business Conditions Analysis of the Footwear Industry (APICCAPS, 2000)
  • The Pricing of Security Clearing and Settlement Services - Comparative International Analysis (Bolsa de Derivados do Porto, 1998)
  • Strategic Plan for the Footwear Industry (APICCAPS, 1994 – review and update in 1996 and 1997).
  • Comparative Study on the Pricing of Some Security Clearing and Settlement Houses (Interbolsa, 1995)
  • Production Subsystem of Textile-Leather: Quantitative and Qualitative Developments in the 80’s (JNICT, 1992).
  • The Portuguese Footwear Industry - Lines for Structural Active Adjustment (APICCAPS, 1991).
    International Economics and International Business
    • Cork Markets – Surveillance Bulletin (APCOR – Portuguese Cork Association, ongoing)
    • Evaluation of the Internationalisation Plan of the Footwear Cluster 2019 (APICCAPS, ongoing)
    • International Markets Files (APICCAPS, ongoing)
    • International Markets´ Potential for Portuguese Footwear Exports (APICCAPS, ongoing)
    • World Footwear Experts Panel Survey (APICCAPS, ongoing)
    • World Footwear Yearbook 2019 Edition (APICCAPS, 2019)
    • Economic and Demographic Trends of International Markets (APICCAPS, 2019)
    • Global External Evaluation of the Internationalisation Plan of the Footwear Cluster 2018 (APICCAPS, 2018)
    • World Footwear Yearbook 2018 Edition (APICCAPS, 2018)
    • Global External Evaluation of APICCAPS’ Internationalisation Project for the second semester of 2016 and 2017 (APICCAPS, 2017)
    • World Footwear Yearbook 2017 Edition (APICCAPS, 2017)
    • Global External Evaluation of APICCAPS’ Internationalisation Project for the second semester of 2015 and the first semester of 2016 (APICCAPS, 2016)
    • World Footwear Yearbook 2016 Edition (APICCAPS, 2016)
    • The Contribution of Communication Actions for Change of the Portuguese Footwear Image (APICCAPS, 2015)
    • Global External Evaluation of APICCAPS’ Internationalisation Project for the 2014 and first semester of 2015 (APICCAPS, 2015)
    • World Footwear Yearbook 2015 Edition (APICCAPS, 2015)
    • World Footwear Yearbook 2014 Edition (APICCAPS, 2014)
    • Global External Evaluation of APICCAPS’ Internationalisation Project for 2013 (APICCAPS, 2013)
    • Design of a Strategic and Market Information System (ViniPortugal, 2013)
    • World Footwear Yearbook 2013 Edition (APICCAPS, 2013)
    • Export Potential of Portuguese Products - A Quantitative Approach (AICEP, 2013)
    • World Footwear Yearbook 2012 Edition (APICCAPS, 2012)
    • Global External Evaluation of APICCAPS’ Internationalisation Project for 2011 (APICCAPS, 2011)
    • World Footwear Yearbook 2011 Edition (APICCAPS, 2011)
    • Assessment of APDL Capacity to Provide Consulting Activities in the International Market (APDL, 2011)
    • Global External Evaluation of APICCAPS’ Internationalisation Project for 2010 (APICCAPS, 2010)
    • Global External Evaluation of APICCAPS’ Internationalisation Project for 2009 (APICCAPS, 2009)
    • Global External Evaluation of APICCAPS’ Internationalisation Project for 2008 (APICCAPS, 2008)
    • External Promotion Programme (APICCAPS, 2005)
    • International Brand (APICCAPS, 2004).
    • The Internationalization of Tourism Companies: Portuguese Experiences (with CISEP. GEPE - Gabinete de Estudos e Prospetiva Económica, 2003).
    • Study of Emerging Markets: Countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Cefamol, 2003)
    • Study of Emerging Markets: The Baltic Republics (Cefamol, 2003)
    • Internationalization of Portuguese Companies: A Panorama (with CISEP. GEPE - Gabinete de Estudos e Prospetiva Económica, 2000).
    • The North Region's External Trade (Comissão de Coordenação da Região Norte, 1997).
    • Globalization of Economic Activities and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) Development (OCDE, 1994).
    Urban and Regional Economics
    • Local Accommodation in Oporto Municipality (Porto City Council, 2019)
    • Support for the Implementation of the Cohesion and Territorial Development Pact of Tâmega e Sousa (CIM Tâmega e Sousa, 2016)
    • Support in the Preparation of the Strategic Plan for the Ave Area (STRATEY XXI, 2014)
    • Strategic Plan for the Tâmega e Sousa Area (CIM Tâmega e Sousa, 2014)
    • PROT-AML – Regional Spatial Planning for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (CCDR-LVT, 2010)
    • Study on the Feasibility of a Municipal Add-on Support Programme for Lease or Own Home Purchase (MatosinhosHabit, 2009)
    • Consultancy on the Contract to Design and Reconstruct the Bolhão Market (Sociedade Porto Vivo, SRU, 2007)
    • Strategy for Inter-Regional and Transnational Cooperation in the Northern Region of Portugal (with Quaternaire Portugal. CCDR-N, 2006)
    • Technical Justification Study of Azores PROT (Quaternaire, 2006)
    • Preparation of Documentation for a Competitive Bid for the Rehabilitation of the Bolhão Market (Porto Vivo SRU, 2005)
    • Assessment of NORTINOV’s Contribution for the Consolidation of an Innovation System in the North Region (AURN, 2005)
    • Socio-Economic Characterisation of the Bolhão Market (HV TECNOPOR, 2005)
    • Impact Assessment of the Rehabilitation Works of the Porto 2001 in Trade and Services of Downtown Porto (Secretaria de Estado da Indústria Comércio e Serviços, 2002).
    • The Economic Relations between Northern Portugal and Galicia (AEP - Associação Empresarial de Portugal, 2001)
    • Business Environment Characterisation of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia (Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova de Gaia, 2001).
    • Trade and Services Programme for Porto’s Downtown - Survey on Population (Quaternaire Portugal, 1999).
    • Industry in the Ave Valley in "Strategic Study on the set of municipalities that make up the Association of Municipalities of Vale do Ave" (Associação de Municípios do Vale do Ave, 1993).
    • Industrialisation Model of the Porto Metropolitan Area: Predictable Evolution and Trends in an "AMP Socio-Economic Study" (CCRN/Junta Metropolitana do Porto, 1993).
    Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
    • Study on Circular Economy in Portugal (COTEC, ongoing)
    • Characterization of the Endogenous Potential of Forest and Fishing Resources in Tâmega and Sousa (IDARN, 2017)
    • Economic and Financial Consultancy on a Merger of Cooperatives (FAGRICOOP, 2017)
    • Prospective Study of Forestry (with Consulai and AD-ISA. AIFF – Associação para a Competitividade da Indústria da Fileira Florestal, 2013)
    • Impact Assessment of the Post-2013 CAP Reform on the Portuguese Dairy Industry (FENALAC, 2012)
    • Value Creation Potential Of Wind Energy Policies (EDP Renováveis, SA, 2012)
    • Study of Best Environmental Practices in the Footwear Industry - Creation of an Observatory (with CTCP - APICCAPS, 2011)
    • EUROFOREX - European Forest Externalities (project COST ACTION E45. European Science Foundation, 2010)
    • Integrating Innovation and Development Policies for the Forest Sector (project COST ACTION E51. European Science Foundation, 2010)
    • Gestion Durable des Forêts: Un Réseau Européen de Zones Pilote pour la Mise en Œuvre Opérationnelle (project FORSEE, FEDER – INTERREG IIIB Atlantic Area, 2007)
    • Consultancy on the Estimation of Socioeconomic Indicators for the National Forest of Leiria (ISA, 2007)
    • Economic Integration of Urban Consumer's Demand and Rural Forestry Production (project COST ACTION E30. European Science Foundation, 2006)
    • Identification and Evaluation Study of Benefits and Costs Associated of Current Situation and Alternative Scenarios of OPP Restructuring (UCADESA, 2006)
    • Energy Cultures (CEETA, 2004)
    • Benchmarking Project on Systems for Prevention and Fighting Forest Fires (AEGP, 2004)
    • Evaluating Financing of Forestry in Europe (project EFFE. with European Forest Institute and University of Joensuu – Finland, University of Ghent – Belgium, University of Freiburg – Germany, Polish Forest Research Institute – Poland, Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki – Greece. European Commission, 2004)
    • National Forest Programmes in a European Context (project COST ACTION E19. European Commission, 2003)
    • An Assessment of the Practicalities and Acceptability of a Bond Scheme as Part of Common Agricultural Policy Reform (project BONDSCHEM. with University of Reading – UK and University of Goettingen – Germany; European Commission, 2003)
    • Overcoming Barriers to Conversion to Organic Farming in the European Union through Markets for Conversion Products (project CONVERSION. with University of Reading – UK, Università degli Studi di Pisa – Italy, Aarhus School of Business – Denmark, National Food Centre – Ireland. European Commission, 2003)
    • Organic Farming and the CAP, Portuguese Component of the Community Project “Effects of the CAP - Reform and Possible Further Developments on Organic Farming in the EU” (DIBIAGA, 2000).
    • Construction of Environmental Indicators for the Industrial Sector (Ministério do Ambiente, 1999).
    Social Economics
    • Analysis of PMAA and Housing Park Management Regulations (MatosinhosHabit, 2019)
    • Evaluation of the Programme for Rent Support by Matosinhos City Hall (Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos, 2016)
    • Elearning Training About Ethics Code (NOS, 2016)
    • Case Studies MAIS Norte (UDIPSS, 2015)
    • Diagnosis of NGOs in Portugal (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 2015)
    • Project FAS II - Training Actions Approved by POPH - Operational Programme Human Potential, Type 3.1 - Training / Action Programme (CNIS, 2012)
    • Study for Identification of Socially Responsible Practices in the Footwear Sector (APICCAPS, 2011)
    • FAS Project - Training Financed by POPH - Operational Programme Human Potential, Type 3.1 - Training / Action Programme (CNIS, 2010)
    • Private Health Insurance in the Context of the Portuguese Health System (Associação Portuguesa de Seguradores, 2009)
    • Foundation Report and Mapping (FOREMAP), Pilot Study – Country Report Portugal (EFC - European Foundation Centre, 2009)
    • Design and Configuration of the Digital Space LBP-N (ARSN, Administração Regional de Saúde do Norte, 2009)
    • Social Support Needs of Industrial Park Workers in Coimbrões and Tondela (AIRV, 2009)
    • Social Diagnosis of Youth in Porto Council (Câmara Municipal do Porto, 2009)
    • ACREDITAR – Social Consultancy Agency (with REAPN – Rede Europeia Anti Pobreza / Portugal. Financed by the EQUAL Programme, 2007)
    • Evaluation Study of the Microcredit System in Portugal (with Quaternaire Portugal. IEFP - Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, 2007)
    • Work at Home: Measures and Intervention Strategies - Action 3 (with Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria do Calçado, Comissão para a Igualdade e para os Direitos da Mulher and Centro Local de Animação e Promoção Rural. Financed by the EQUAL Programme, 2006)
    • Work at Home: Measures and Intervention Strategies - Action 2 (with Comissão para a Igualdade e para os Direitos da Mulher, Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria do Calçado, Centro Local de Animação e Promoção Rural, Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Indústria de Bordados, Tapeçarias, Têxteis e Artesanato da Região Autónoma da Madeira and Deloitte & Touche. Financed by the EQUAL Programme, 2004).
    Finance and Accounting
    • Economic Study on the Daily Cost of Hospitalization in the CH Conde Ferreira (Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto, ongoing)
    • Business Intelligence System (TIP - Transportes Intermodais do Porto, ongoing)
    • Analysis of the Final Decision of ERSAR on the Regulatory Parameters for the 2016-2018 Period (Empresa Geral do Fomento, ongoing)
    • Comparative Study on Surface Parking Exploration (C.M. Espinho, 2019)
    • Evaluation of the Project for a New Headquarters of Metro do Porto at Boavista (Metro do Porto, 2019)
    • Support to the Preparation of the Annual Report 2018 (SONAE, 2019)
    • Financial Bases of the Public Service Contract (STCP - Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto, S.A., 2019)
    • Legal Process Analysis Nr 1893/06.3BEPRT (Sociedade de Transportes Coletivos do Porto, S.A., 2018)
    • Expert Witness Report on the Process 477/13.4TVLSB (Institute of Financial Management and Equipment of Justice, 2018)
    • Consultancy – Legal Regime of Mutual Agricultural Credit (Borges, Brás, Fróis & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, RL, 2018)
    • Evaluation of the Project “Edifício Metro da Trindade” (Metro do Porto 2018)
    • Expert Report – Transdev/Metro do Porto (Metro do Porto, 2018)
    • Support to the Preparation of the Annual Report 2017 (SONAE, 2018)
    • Financing and Taxation of Road Infrastructure (Levels and Targets, Lda., 2017)
    • Expert Report - Analysis of the Formula for Calculating the Redemption Price of the Concession Contract for Paid Parking on Braga’s Thoroughfare (ESSE, 2017)
    • Support to the Preparation of the Annual Report 2016 (SONAE, 2017)
    • Determination of Compensation for Public Service Obligations to be Paid to CARRIS (TRENMO, 2017)
    • Legal Regime of Mutual Agricultural Credit in Portugal (FENACAM, 2016)
    • Support to the Preparation of the Annual Report 2015 (SONAE, 2016)
    • Mutual Agricultural Credit in Portugal - Organisation and Governance in the European Banking Union (FENACAM, 2016)
    • Investment Strategy Analysis (Stephane Picciotto, 2016)
    • Analysis of the Proposal of ERSAR on the Regulatory Parameters for the 2016-2018 Period (Empresa Geral do Fomento, 2015)
    • Preparation of Proposal for the Sub Concession of STCP (Câmara Municipal do Porto, 2015)
    • Support to the Preparation of the Annual Report 2014 (SONAE, 2015)
    • Opinion on Applicability of CAPM for Calculating the Interest Rate of a Bank Loan (MGTLS & Associados, 2014)
    • Study on the Adoption of the SNC (Inst. Port. Oncologia de Lisboa Francisco Gentil EPE, 2014)
    • Support to the Preparation of the Annual Report 2013 (SONAE, 2014)
    • Support on the Definition and Implementation of a Risk Management Model at ACSS (ACSS – Administração Central do Sistema de Saúde, 2013)
    • Support to the Preparation of the Annual Report 2012 (SONAE, 2013)
    • Support to the Preparation of the Annual Report 2011 (SONAE, 2012)
    • Opinion on the Analysis of Agreements Relating to Toll Implementation by INIR (CEGE-ISEG, 2011)
    • Support to the Preparation of the Annual Report 2010 (SONAE, 2011)
    • Procedure preparation for the Externalization of the Radiology Division (Hospital Prelada, 2010).
    • Study of TASHI Brand Consumer Behavior (Bluebird, ongoing)
    • Marketing and Branding Study for a new footwear brand (OCRE VERDE, ongoing)
    • Market Study for Futebol Clube do Porto about its Communities (Futebol Clube do Porto, 2019)
    • Consumer Preferences in Real Estate – Jardins da Arrábida and Gondomar (EFIMÓVEIS, 2019)
    • Consumer Preferences in Real Estate (EFIMÓVEIS, 2017)
    • Marketing and Branding Strategy for the “Homeware” Cluster (NERLEI, 2016)
    • Territorial Marketing Plan for the Tâmega and Sousa Area (CIM – Tâmega e Sousa, 2015)
    • Study on Tap Water Consumption Habits of the Population of Porto (Águas do Porto, 2015)
    • Market Study for the Brand Sophy & Freda (SIRFTEX, 2014)
    • Market Study Casino da Póvoa (Varzim Sol, 2014)
    • Study and White Paper on Corporate Identity (CAP, 2012)
    • Barometer of the Portuguese Farmer Image 2011 (CAP, 2012)
    • Development of a Business Barometer (BARCLAYS, 2012)
    • Barometer of the Portuguese Farmer Image 2010 (CAP, 2011)
    • Market Study Expo Criança (CNEMA, 2010)
    • AM Holding Brand Identity (AM Holding, 2010)
    • Strategic Diagnosis of Brand and Development of an Action Plan (CRPG - Centro de Reabilitação Profissional de Gaia, 2010)
    • Image Of the Portuguese Farmer (CAP, 2009)
    • “Santa Casa” Brand Characterisation - Document Analysis (Santa Casa da Misericórdia, 2009)
    • Profile of the Purchase and Consumption Behaviour of Futebol Club do Porto Target Costumers: Partners, Supporters and Fans (Porto Comercial, S.A., 2006)
    • Market Study: Structure of the Purchase and Consumption Profile of JN Readers and Characterisation of the Image and Competitive Positioning of JN (Global Notícias, 2006)
    • Services Provided by Agros to Individual Associate Producers: Degree of Satisfaction Measurement and Determinant Factors of its Use (AGROS, 2004)
    • Creation of an International Brand for Design of Furniture and Decoration - Feasibility Study (ICEP, 2000)
    • Market Study on the Potential Acceptability of the Kickers Shoes Brand in the Portuguese Market (Arnaldo Pinto, 1999)
    • Best Practices Manual for the Digital Economy (APICCAPS, ongoing)
    • Support to the Ethics Ombudsman Office (EDP – Energias de Portugal, ongoing)
    • Adult Use Cannabis (Open Society Foundations, ongoing)
    • Connected Healthcare: Impact Analysis (COTEC Portugal – Business Association for Innovation, 2019)
    • Evaluation of the Municipal Company Matosinhos Sport, E.M., S.A. (Matosinhos Sport, E.M., 2019)
    • Communication Practices (Murtagh, 2019)
    • Development and Implementation of a Code of Ethics and Conduct for Ascendi (Ascendi, 2018)
    • Consultancy on the Development of the EDPartners 2016 Awards (EDP VALOR, S.A., 2017)
    • Creation and Implementation of a Code of Conduct for JP Group (JP Sá Couto, 2017)
    • Research Project "Judgements of Moral Wrongdoings and Emotions: Neuropsychophysiological Study" (Fundação BIAL, 2015)
    • Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Águas do Porto, 2015)
    • Management Consultancy (RECER, 2015)
    • Consultancy on the Development of the EDPartners 2015 Awards (EDP VALOR, S.A., 2015)
    • COOL system - Cutting Optimisation in Paper Industry (INESC Porto, 2015)
    • EUFORI - Study on Foundations Supporting Research and Innovation in the EU: Country Report (coordination by VU University Amsterdam – VUA. European Commission, 2014)
    • Development of an E-Commerce Platform (ADIRA, S.A., 2012)
    • Consultancy on the Development of the EDP 2011 Excellence Award– Suppliers (EDP VALOR, S.A., 2012)
    • SIAC Environment (with CTCP. APICCAPS, 2011)
    • Creation of an Educational Tool for Development of Entrepreneurial Skills in Young People (ACIDI - Programa Escolhas, 2011)
    • New Jobs in the Footwear Industry (CTCP, 2007)
    • Design and Editing of Pedagogical Materials Action - Case Studies (AURN, 2005)
    • A Comparative Study of Operating Hours, Working Time and Employment in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and The United Kingdom (with ISO and IAT – Germany, UMIST – UK, KUN – Netherlands, USAL – Spain, Université Aix-Marseille and Banque de France – France. European Commission 5th Framework Programme, 2004)
    • New Forms of Employment and Working Time in the Service Economy (with Institut Arbeit und Technik – Germany, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy – Jyväskylä University – Finland, Centre for European Labour Market Studies – Göteborg University – Sweden, Socialforskningsinstituttet – Denmark, European Work and Employment Research Centre – University of Manchester – UMIST – UK, Institute of Economics – Netherlands, Département de l’Économie Appliquée – Université Libre de Bruxelles – Belgium, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et Sociales – Universitéde Lille 1 and IAE – Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 – France, Dipartimento di Economia – Università degli Studi di Trento – Italy, European Trade Union Institute – Belgium. European Commission, 2002)
    • Absenteeism and its Legal and Labour Consequences – A Comparative Law Perspective (APICCAPS, 2001)
    • Working Time – Comparative Study of Some European Jurisdictions (APICCAPS, 2000)



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