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Learn how to build an integrated financial company vision, which articulates the strategy to create value for investors. With the financial management course you will be able to acquire necessary techniques to assess and decide on strategic options and current management, exploring topics such as the analysis of investment projects, risk management, or choosing the best financing structure.

Álvaro Nascimento
Executive Director of Financial Management Course


Financial management brings together an integrated view of the company and, therefore, is considered the quintessential function within the organisation. The person responsible for finance (chief financial officer or CFO, in Anglo-Saxon terminology) is often presented as one of the most important employees within the organisation, along with the general director (sometimes referred to as the administrator, or CEO, in the Anglo-Saxon terminology). They are responsible for the link between business strategy and financial markets, with a view to creating shareholder value on a long-term sustainability framework.

As a rule, in SMEs the general director or its administrator, accumulate the finance function with the decisions of current and strategic management. For them, the course of financial management brings a set of extremely important management tools, especially in view of the relationship with creditors, customers, suppliers and even external consultants and financial experts who advise them in the analysis of the strategy viability and evaluating investment options. Also for these, the financial management course is a form of enrichment skills, enabling them to offer high value-added service.
In a company the responsible for the financial area must be in possession of a technical and quantitative knowledge in order to assess the impact of various policy options and, based on a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, support the decision-making process, guiding the choices for business performance and create value. Analysis and risk management are part of his responsibilities, alongside project evaluation, relations with creditors and shareholders, and the choice and negotiation of financing operations that add more value to the company.

Who Attends
The financial management course is suitable for those who perform, or want to perform, the financial management function, or require this knowledge to complement their general capacity as director of the company, in the knowledge that the financial component is one of the most important areas in the company, the cost of financing, or money and the ability to articulate a strategy to create value depend a lot of it.

Candidates Profile

Applicants must have a high education degree. Candidates who do not have this requirement may be accepted provided their background and knowledge acquired by professional experience justify such admission. The process of selection and ranking of candidates will be done according to the requirements defined in the Regulation governing this training and always based on curricular and professional judgment, taking into account the submission order of the respective applications.



100 h


October 2020


Mondays and Wednesdays from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Programme Director

Álvaro Nascimento


Católica Porto Business School


Sailing Teambuilding;

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How to obtain a Post-Graduation?

Católica Porto Business School provides a modular offer, so that each participant can choose the course and subjects most suited to their needs and interests.

In view of this flexibility, it is possible to obtain a Post-Graduation degree through an accumulation system credits. To achieve this, it is necessary to complete, using a total of 40 ECTS, the execution of executive courses in the area, within three years.

When you apply in a post-graduation course in a modular system you will have 15% discount on the overall value of the executive courses.

For those who, subsequently, intend to obtain the MBA degree, the successful conclusion of the Post-Graduation provides preferential conditions of access and admission.

The conclusion of the Financial Management Course, allows the access to the follow Post-Graduation:

Post-Graduation in Finance and Management Control

Post-Graduation in Finance and Taxation

Career Management Service

The frequency of this Programme allows individual and free access to the career management service of Católica Porto Business School. Career and Development Office promotes customized support in career development, transferable skills and employability.

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You can make your online application here.

You can also deliver your application personally at the administrative offices of the school or mail to:

Católica Porto Business School
Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327
4169-005 Porto

Elements for Application:

  • Duly completed application form;
  • Detailed CV;
  • An updated photograph;
  • Identification Document photocopy / Taxpayer Card;



2 950€ + VAT

Payment Policy

When applying it should be paid 10% of the programme's amount. The remaining amount must be settled in accordance with the payment schedule set. VAT at the legal rate must be added to all prices.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of an entry within 15 days prior to the start of the programme will lead to no reimbursement of the registration fee. A no-show or cancellation of a registration after the start of the programme involves its full payment. In certain circumstances, the Católica Porto Business School may postpone or cancel the implementation of a programme and in that case shall return in full all the amounts charged.

Special conditions

The attendance fee will have a 10% discount in case there are two enrolments from the same institution or 15% for three or more enrolments. Former students of Catholic University and EGE - Business Management School will benefit from a 10% discount. AEP Members will have a 10% discount and the associated AEP Plus benefit of a deduction of 13%. Discounts are not cumulative.


Executive Coordination

Margarida Mota


Tel: 226196260

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