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Luís Marques - Executive Course Management Control - from Strategy to Execution Director Luís Marques - Executive Course Management Control - from Strategy to Execution Director
Luís Marques Luís Marques Executive Course Management Control - from Strategy to Execution Director

Message from the Coordinators

The control systems of traditional management, characterised by a strong predominance of financial aspects of budget planning and control, have suffered a significant challenge in recent years, focusing on their limited contribution in implementing the strategy.

The strategic execution is now one of the central concerns of managers, with the shift in focus of strategic thinking to the processes, procedures, policies and management tools to guide the organisation's alignment to achieve the strategic objectives.

The international popularity of new integrated frameworks of which stands the Balanced Scorecard model, created a repositioning opportunity of management control systems as a key element of strategy execution.

Thus fully justified the timeliness and relevance of this Management Control Course, oriented for Strategic Implementation.

Miguel Soares and Luís Marques
Scientifc Coordinators


Students attending the course will acquire the necessary skills to design and implement a strategic management system, with a view to the implementation of the strategy. With a clear influence of the latest developments in management control systems, the course starts with the basics of strategic management oriented to execution. Strategy, organisation and leadership will be covered as elements whose preliminary assessment is crucial to the success of strategic execution.
The second part of the course explores in detail the techniques for planning and evaluation of strategic performance, integrated strategy control systems, aligning incentives and rewards of human resources and how to strategically manage risk. The approach is broad, from traditional models, including the most recent models of adaptive systems to change, to integrated management of business risks.

The methodology will consist of the exposure of theoretical concepts underlying the theme and its practical operation using case studies to argue among teachers and students.
Throughout the course there is still the possibility to carry out advanced seminars, with specialised external guests, introducing the latest developments of management control systems to issues such as corporate governance, corporate management of groups of companies, innovation, internationalisation and new organisational architectures in enterprise collaboration environment.
Throughout the course it is intended that students perform a project "Diagnosis and Improvement Action Plan" a management control system in real context. At the end of the course, the project will be presented and discussed critically with the teaching team.

Who attends

Managers, controllers, financial directors and other professionals involved in the process of planning or strategy execution.

Candidates Profile

Applicants must have a high education degree. Candidates who do not have this requirement may be accepted provided their background and knowledge acquired by professional experience justify such admission. The process of selection and ranking of candidates will be done according to the requirements defined in the Regulation governing this training and always based on curricular and professional judgment, taking into account the submission order of the respective applications.



130 hours


November 2020


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Programme directors


Católica Porto Business School

Pedro Nunes

Pedro Nunes

Junior Supply Pricing Analyst


The Management Control course represents an excellent opportunity to present us with a great challenge: to look inside our company, to clarify its strategy and to align all the parties involved in its execution.

This whole process translates into a constant learning through the analysis and debate of practical cases, which make us question many habits and methodologies (bad) rooted in the national business fabric, always supported by the experience and excellence of the entire faculty.

The world is currently an extremely dynamic space and in this course we are confronted with new strategic planning and execution methodologies that allow a company to think in a more holistic and integrated way, making it more adaptable and able to respond to its daily challenges faster. Highly recommend!

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The executive education course of Management Control – from Strategy to Execution works in partner with Instituto Português de Auditoria Interna (IPAI). 


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The conclusion of the Executive Course in Management Control - From Strategy to Execution, allows the access to the follow Post-Graduation:

Post-Graduation in Finance and Management Control

Post-Graduation in Taxation and Management Control

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3 400€ + VAT

Payment Policy

When applying it should be paid 10% of the programme's amount. The remaining amount must be settled in accordance with the payment schedule set. VAT at the legal rate must be added to all prices.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of an entry within 15 days prior to the start of the programme will lead to no reimbursement of the registration fee. A no-show or cancellation of a registration after the start of the programme involves its full payment. In certain circumstances, the Católica Porto Business School may postpone or cancel the implementation of a programme and in that case shall return in full all the amounts charged.

Special conditions

The attendance fee will have a 10% discount in case there are two enrolments from the same institution or 15% for three or more enrolments. Former students of Catholic University and EGE - Business Management School will benefit from a 10% discount. AEP Members will have a 10% discount and the associated AEP Plus benefit of a deduction of 13%. Discounts are not cumulative.


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