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Business+Career | WM targets one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century. How to combine personal and professional activity when the line between work and life is increasingly blurred ? How to identify and prioritise weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities within your personal actions as well in your career? How to build scenarios and prepare an action plan that cover the opportunity spaces identified keeping focused on your personal purpose.

Participants will leave the course with an action plan to implement and start following on the very next day. B+C | WM is a personal compass to sail the challenging waters in todays world without loosing your course to a better version of yourself.

The program starts with one-on-one mentoring session in order to align expectations and focus on goal setting. And finishes one week after the presencial session with a similar one-on-one session to give and receive feedback and help validate the individual action plan.


In a concise format, always walking and always in nature, set an action plan to achieve the best version of yourself. During two individual remote mentoring sessions plus two days of presencial walking and peer-mentoring, the participants will clarify/identify the key challenges related with their personal and professional life and will commit to a personal action plan, a set of goals and objectives to achieve the desired outcomes.

Who attends

The participants should be a blend from the different University programs and professional areas in order to leverage distinct perspectives and experiences.

Candidates Profile

There is no specific requirement in terms of background to attend this course, nevertheless a genuine interest in learning how to turn personal and business challenges into opportunities and actionable plans its a must to progress throughout the program. The personal commitment to achieved the identified goals and follow the initial agreed process with the Mentor is critical to achieve success.

Program dynamics

The Business+Career program runs between Friday and Saturday, always walking and always in nature. You will experience a blend of individual mentoring sessions and also the different perspectives you will collect from the other participants. You will leave the course with an action plan to implement and start following on the very next day. You should see it as a personal compass to sail the challenging waters in todays world.

Each participant will have two individual mentoring sessions by video call. One of them before the presencial walk and another after. 

During the presencial walk each participant will have a One-on-One mentoring session and the participants will rotate in pairs throughout the different exercises. 

We will alternate the pairing with individual time to think, write down and annotate ideas and thoughts.



2 Days


19 - 20 June


9-13h (session group) 14-18h (Reflection time / Peer mentoring).

Programme Director

João Perre Viana


Porto City Park and sea front

Marcos Segador

Marcos Segador



Walking Mentorship has the beauty of simple things. A perfect program where an experience profile as Joao can apply all the know-how he collected in multiple assignments he overcame both personal and professionally and at the same time, accessible in a format that brings us back to basics. An exercise we should all do at least once in life.

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His passion to transmit us the need to always move forward and develop our personal and professional lives has been very enjoyable and rich to me. I certainly recommend everyone to have a first skype talk with João and discover his WALKING MENTORSHIP program.

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Momento Ventures Limited

Joao is more than a mentor; Joao is a friend. A friend who’s been through it endured the mistakes and celebrated the successes. A friend who challenges you to reach the next level and cares about your success. Intense, handson, highly inspirational and tons of fun. You will never forget and always want to repeat.

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João Godinho

João Godinho



Walking Mentorship is the most amazing way of personal and professional development that I experienced. Every detail, every path, every moment is to be assimilated and enjoyed. All will have meaning and impact on the final result. Get ready, prepare yourself and go.
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Great paradigm shift experience! For me Joao's program was the best way to slow down, not to burn out, recognize and accept my nature, experience digital detox, synchronize my mind and my heart. It was a perfect approach to look at my life and myself from another perspective! I wish you all dare to show up and join Walking Mentorship!

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Aida Chamiça

Aida Chamiça



Walking Mentorship is an innovative and very successful concept. I loved each of the programs I did with João Perre Viana. They are very beautiful walks with interesting people. João alternates between individual mentoring, group mentoring and peer mentoring, with spaces for reflection and integration. This dynamic takes place during the walk itself, making this experience absolutely magical. I'll keep walking with you, João!

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Joao is one of the best mentors that I have met in my life.

I can truly say that he has inspired me to start my own business and gave me a piece of great advice on my way to becoming an entrepreneur. He is extremely openminded, honest and a supportive person.

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You can make your online application here.

You can also deliver your application personally at the administrative offices of the school or mail to:

Católica Porto Business School
Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327
4169-005 Porto

Elements for Application:
  • Duly completed application form;
  • Detailed CV;
  • An updated photograph;
  • Identification Document photocopy / Taxpayer Card;

Application Process

Taking in consideration the specifics of the mentoring program and the reduced number of participants it is mandatory to apply and present a short essay (minimum 300 words). It is important to understand the motivation to participate and the willingness to adopt the methodology proposed (mentoring, walking, sharing with other participants, be in nature, etc). The applications must be received until three weeks before the start of the program. The final decision of acceptance will be communicated two weeks before the start and the first mentoring session will take place one week before the Walk.


During the program each participant will receive a booklet named survival kit where they will find the guidelines for each exercise and the space to capture their best thoughts. The Survival Kit has four different moments:

Myself : An inquiry into the individual current moment, updating the reality map.

The World : Gain perspective by building a personal inventory.

Purpose : Revise your purpose and align it with your key challenges.

Action : Create an Action plan and focus on a limited time frame ahead.

The core of the program is focused in the individual but the group experience will enlarge the discussion and will be critical to access different perspectives.



1050 € + VAT

Payment Policy

When applying it should be paid 10% of the programme's amount. The remaining amount must be settled in accordance with the payment schedule set. VAT at the legal rate must be added to all prices.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of an entry within 15 days prior to the start of the programme will lead to no reimbursement of the registration fee. A no-show or cancellation of a registration after the start of the programme involves its full payment. In certain circumstances, the Católica Porto Business School may postpone or cancel the implementation of a programme and in that case shall return in full all the amounts charged.

Special conditions

The attendance fee will have a 10% discount in case there are two enrolments from the same institution or 15% for three or more enrolments. Former students of Catholic University and EGE - Business Management School will benefit from a 10% discount. AEP Members will have a 10% discount and the associated AEP Plus benefit of a deduction of 13%. Discounts are not cumulative.


Executive Coordination

Cosme Almeida


Tel: 226196260

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