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Helena Correia - Project Management Area Coordinator Helena Correia - Project Management Area Coordinator
Helena Correia Helena Correia Project Management Area Coordinator mcorreia@porto.ucp.pt

Message from the Area Coordinator

The success of Project Management is determined by its systemic, multidisciplinary and multifunctional approach, and by its flexibility in integrating context changes thereby  enabling the growth of an organizations’ activity, whatever their nature. In this perspective, the portfolio in Project Management training offered by Católica Porto Business School provides an integrative approach to concepts, methods and techniques for the initiation, planning, monitoring and control, and closure of the different phases of a complex process, a journey that is intended for permanent innovation.

Post Graduations

Católica Porto Business School provides a modular offer, so that each participant can choose the course and subjects most suited to their needs and interests.

In view of this flexibility, it is possible to obtain a Post-Graduation degree through an accumulation system credits. To achieve this, it is necessary to complete, using a total of 40 ECTS, the execution of executive courses in the area, within three years.

When you apply in a post-graduation course in a modular system you will have 15% discount on the overall value of the executive courses.

For those who, subsequently, intend to obtain the MBA degree, the successful conclusion of the Post-Graduation provides preferential conditions of access and admission.

The conclusion of 40 ECTS in Executive Courses in the Project Management Programmes allows to obtain the Post-Graduation in Project Management.