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Ana Côrte-Real - Associate Dean for Executive Education Ana Côrte-Real - Associate Dean for Executive Education
Ana Côrte-Real Ana Côrte-Real Associate Dean for Executive Education

There are no two equal companies and each business has its specificities. Knowing this premise, the Católica Porto Business School is prepared to work with each company to design customised programs to their needs and goals.

Each programme results, therefore, in the total articulation school-company, whose approach focuses on the prior recognition of the framework and the specific organisation's situation, allowing the design of training able to meet its actual and empowering needs of development and strengthening values and culture.

By choosing the Católica Porto Business School to the development of training programmes in your company is to opt for a process focused on the development of knowledge and skills, framed by organisational values and experiences, an innovative solution, oriented to practical application.

The customized programs carried out by Católica Porto Business School are the result of an iterative process that goes through five stages.

Identificação, Co-criação, Entrega - Esquema

Strategy Contextualization

The school promotes reflection meetings between the Scientific Director of the program and the Client to determine the model, duration, operation and content of the program, in order to ensure the alignment between the organization and the strategy and ensure conditions for its good performance.

Diagnosis of training

In a second stage, it is made the training diagnosis that results from the joint process of the 1st stage.

Programme Design

After a contextualization with a strategy and a correct definition of the training needs, it is done the program design. It defines its content, structure and detailed content of each module that are the subject of a fine specification (i.e., elaboration of discipline sheets). Content is discussed between the Responsible Faculty and the Client Collaborator (i.e. the business sponsor) in order to adjust topics, exercises and cases for discussion to the needs and the concrete reality of the client.

Programme Execution

In the fourth stage of the programme execution, the School is able to assist the client in a talent management logic, participating in the process selection of candidates, providing information about their performance and involving organization staff in the training process.

Final Balance and Follow-up

The final balance and follow-up stage consists in a process of continuous improvement that accompanies the execution and produces a final report of the whole process. In recurring corporate university programmes, final balance contributions are incorporated into subsequent editions of the program. Under certain circumstances, corporate university programmes may continue in programs that confer an academic degree.

The accomplishment of this training by Católica Porto Business School allows the credits accumulation that allows student to continue his training course in other programmes of our Business School.

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  Ana Salomé

Ana Salomé

Director of Human Capital and Corporate Communications

Nors Group

In Nors, we are well aware of the enormous potential of change and evolution that incorporates training.

The “TO BE PROGRAM”, name given to the Development Programme of High Potential Employees of Nors Group, is the result of a very successful partnership between the Católica Porto Business School and the Nors Group.

It is a programme designed in a fully customized way, which allowed combining excellent reputation and experience of the Católica Porto Business School in executive education, with the knowledge that the company and its leaders have the business reality, identity and specificities that make the Nors group unique.

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Júlio Martins

Júlio Martins

Sales and Market Management Director

Sogrape Vinhos, SA

The In-company Training Programme was a very rewarding experience both from a professional and personal point of view.

In this time of great change and competitiveness it is important that companies bet on strengthening the skills of the staff members. The In-company Programme has the great advantage of being done in a team, in an informal environment and directed by an highest level faculty and identified with the business world, promoting creativity and a common awareness of best practices adapted to the business, impacting on operational decisions and strategic.

I felt that the In-company Programme helped me reflecting on the relevance of my decisions and options as a team leader but also contributing transversally to the organization with a more current view of management.

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Helena Seruca

Helena Seruca

Coordinating Director

Banco Carregosa

Banco Carregosa has developed in collaboration with Católica Porto Business School  a course specifically designed for the training needs of our commercial teams. It was a good time to learn and review concepts. The support provided by this course, with excellent faculty, allowed to maximize the students learning and enrichment. 

After 25 years of professional experience in the financial and banking areas, I consider the experience to be enriching, with a strong impact on strengthening individual confidence for future challenges, in an increasingly complex, competitive and demanding world.

I have strengthened and acquired competencies that I consider crucial for my management / administrative function. It made me look in a different and even more critical way for everything I do and to think better about my goals and achievement.

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