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Diretor(a) - Customized Programmes
Ana Côrte-Real Associate Dean for Executive


By definition, the regular or open executive offer of the School is transversal. This means that more general or more focused on a particular topic, its programmes are aimed at professionals in any business or industry.

The in company offer, as the very term suggests, aims to provide an appropriate training response (customised) to the needs and specificities of a particular company or even a particular business sector.

Being a specific offer for each company, this should be built with it: thus, in this segment, contents, methodology and operation of a programme are set out in full coordination with the company that requests it.


To the company

  • Finds solutions that, in principle, are not available in regular or open programmes;
  • Customisation;
  • More adequate training of its staff;
  • Higher return on investment in training;
  • Loyalty of its staff;

To its staff

  • Personal and professional development;
  • Right skills for their professional activity;
  • Greater integration capacity in the organisation;
  • Best opportunities for progress in career;


Companies naturally have their own specificities. They have their own strategies and live in a certain context. They are large or SMEs, family or publicly traded and dispersed, national or multinational, from the new technologies sector, and the agro-food sector, etc.

This means that any subject of management - strategy, marketing, finance, human capital, innovation, operations management etc. - can be addressed in such training.

Exactly what characterises and differentiates the in company offer of the open offer is the deep knowledge of the company reality, obtained at an early stage and very interactive with those responsible, which allows the identification of the main critical success factors and hence address those issues in a way more suited to their needs.
Notwithstanding these specificities, and facing the challenges posed by our customers, as part of this training we also include drama, billboards, writing, critical thinking and physical activity, together with the more technical training in the above areas.


“Understand well to better respond”

Importância de compreender bem as necessidades específicas - Esquema