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Gonçalo Faria - Associate Dean for Graduate Degrees Gonçalo Faria - Associate Dean for Graduate Degrees
Gonçalo Faria Gonçalo Faria Associate Dean for Graduate Degrees

The Católica Porto Business School offers a wide portfolio of programmes that train experts in diverse range areas in Economics and Management. With a strong goal on employability we train highly qualified professionals who accumulate a strong technical knowledge with a set of soft and behavioural skills that contribute to a successful career.

Our masters are well-known for the excellence in teaching, the scientific accuracy and easy placement of graduates in the labour market. Our programmes are at the same level of the best international schools and have the participation of highly renowned teachers, both Portuguese and foreigners. We also ensure a close involvement of companies and organisations and a full support of an expert team in the field of soft skills.

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Career and Development Office

Focusing on the promotion of students personal and professional development, and the connection to the business community and the entire business alumni network, the Career and Development Office is the strategic hub of Católica Porto Business School bringing together students, companies, teachers, alumni and pre-university students.

Learn more about the Career and Development Office here.

The Master students are encouraged to participate and get involved in the Career and Development Office various initiatives. These curricular and extracurricular experiences enhance their differentiation, through the effort of their soft skills, and encourage progressive approach to labour market practices.

The Career and Development Office offers students of the Masters programmes various intervention modalities:

Competence Evaluation Centres

This moment of soft skill assessment, the starting point for a development plan is energised by the Career and Development Office , in partnership with Pessoas e Sistemas (a company which is accredited in the A&DC methodology - Assessment and Development Consulting).

Competence Evaluation Centres allow each student to perform their accounting skills, knowing their strengths and areas in need of improvement. At the end of the process, each student receives a personalised feedback on their performance and a Competence Assessment Certificate. Each cross skill is valued at more than one context and by more than one technician, thereby guaranteeing the reliability of results.

Lasting one day (from 9.00 to 16.30), the Centres include three types of evidence: (i) individual, (ii) group and (iii) face-to-face. Free of charge (1), the Competence Assessment Centres are compulsory for students who, intending to conduct the Masters Final assignment in the form of internship or project, do not have proven work experience.

1 The Competence Centres are free. However, absence, without notice to the CDO email up to 24 hours in advance, entails the allocation of costs associated with individual participation in the centre, worth 200 €.

Application: send the application form within the defined deadline [See Student Guide 2nd Cycle]

Proof of work experience: send the CV within the defined deadline [See Student Guide 2nd Cycle]. After curricular analysis, validation of work experience is confirmed by e-mail.

For further information contact the Career and Development Office team
226 196 229/253

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching aims to promote personal and professional development of the Católica Porto Business School students. It is a completely free of charge personalised process that seeks to respond to the needs and requests of each student. In this sense it can intervene in different dimensions such as career exploration, career guidance, skills assessment and implementation of an action plan, students at risk of failing the limitation period, study methods, strategies to deal with anxiety, develop oral communication skills, and interpersonal relationship skills, among others.

Applications open throughout the school year (usually upon waiting list)

For further information contact the Career and Development Office team
226 196 229/253

Team Coaching

Team Coaching aims to promote team work skills of any working group set up within a subject or extracurricular activity of the Católica Porto Business School.
Each group is encouraged to analyse their group effectiveness and find recovery strategies and improvement. Throughout the process, assertive communication among team members is also fostered, as well as problem solving and conflict management. At the end, a reflection on the skills developed as a team is promoted, as well as self and peer assessment.

Applications open throughout the school year.

For further information contact the Career and Development Office team
226 196 229/253

Soft Skills Development Workshops

Development workshops are aimed at developing skills of 2nd cycle students and are conceptualised in conjunction with the results obtained in competence assessment centres. Energised by specialists, these workshops promote the development of key skills in interaction moments within companies such as leadership, persuasive communication, decision making, teamwork, planning and organisation.

Applications open after the release of each workshop.

For further information contact the Career and Development Office team
226 196 229/253


(En)Cena allows the simulation of an oral presentation and a personalised feedback to improve the students’ performance.

It can be requested at any time during the school year by a student or a group of students. For 2nd cycle students the (En)Cena stands as an excellent opportunity to prepare the presentation of the Masters Final Assignment.

The effective participation in (En)Cena is only guaranteed with the due completed presentation and upon service availability.

Applications open throughout the school year.

For further information contact the Career and Development Office team
226 196 229/253

Internships and projects within the Masters Final Assignment scope (MFA)

The Career and Development Office is responsible for the proactive soliciting of internships and projects under the Masters Final Assignment scope (MFA) for students who, having not submitted a self-proposal approved by the direction of their masters, intends to make an MFA in organisational or mixed context.

The MFA competition runs within the deadlines established in the 2nd Cycle Student Guide.

For further information contact the Career and Development Office team
226 196 229/253

Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme of the School aims to promote personal and professional development of 2nd cycle students, to enhance their soft skills and enable the systematic contact with a professional in the areas of economics and management. Thus, the Mentoring Programme is constituted as a privileged process of vocational guidance and career, giving a closer look at the different areas of economics and management and preparing students for the challenges of the labour market.

By taking a personalised approach, assigning an external mentor is always adapted to the needs and goals of each student. The programme includes mentors that work in Portugal but also abroad, from Católica Porto Business School alumni network.

In addition to a frequent and close contact with an external mentor, all participants in the programme have the opportunity to participate in the Mentors & Mentees Get Together Session, thus expanding the potential of networking of this programme.

For further information contact the Career and Development Office team
226 196 229/253


International Mobility

How to Apply for an Exchange Period

  • Partner Home Institution officially informs Mobility and International Relations Office about students’ nominations;
  • Mobility and International Relations Office send updated information about application procedures to the new exchange students and their Home Institution;
  • Mobility and International Relations Office receives students’applications, including study plans that will be approved by the Católica Porto Business School.

Deadlines and Academic Calendar (2019-2020)

Foreign Students' Admission (Fall Semester / Full Year)15th  May
Fall Semester26th September – 20th December
Final Exams3rd January – 20th January
22nd January – 4th February (Re-sit)
Foreign Students' Admission (Spring Semester)15th  October
Spring Semester5th February – 23rd May
Final Exams25th May – 27th June
30th June – 18th July (Re-sit)
Christmas Holidays21st December – 2nd January
Easter Holidays9th April   – 13th April
*Reception days will be confirmed later

Institutional and Departmental Exchange Contacts

Sofia Salgado Pinto - Dean
+351 22 6196294 

Francisca Guedes de Oliveira - Associate Dean (MSc Programmes)
+351 22 6196294 

Raquel Campos - Associate Dean (BSc Programmes)
+351 22 6196294 

Paulo Alves - Associate Dean (Internacionalization)
+351 22 6196294

Maria João Marques - Incoming Students
+351 22 6196294 

Teresa Alves de Sousa – Outgoing Students
+351 22 6196269

Mara Alexandra Carvalho – International Programmes
+351 22 6196200 (ext. 437)


Magda Ferro - Coordinator
+351 22 6196286

Programmes Open to Incoming Students

Courses taught in English (2020-2021)

CoursesMastersFall SemesterSpring SemesterECTS
Accounting QualityAuditing and TaxationX3
Business EconometricsBusiness EconomicsX6
Business MacroeconomicsBusiness EconomicsX6
Business MicroeconomicsBusiness EconomicsX6
Business StrategyBusiness EconomicsX6
Business & Innovation - ElectiveBusiness EconomicsX6
Financial Economics Business EconomicsX6
Human Resources Economics and Management Business EconomicsX6
International BusinessBusiness EconomicsX6
Sustainability & Business Innovation - ElectiveBusiness EconomicsX6
Financial Statement Analysis and PerformanceFinanceX6
Fixed IncomeFinanceX6
Quantitative Methods in FinanceFinanceX6
Advanced Topics in Finance - ElectiveFinanceX3
Corporate Financial Strategy FinanceX6
Financial Derivatives and Risk ManagementFinanceX6
Financial Intermediation - ElectiveFinanceX3
International Financial Management - ElectiveFinanceX3
Research MethodsFinanceX6
Strategic Management in HRMHuman Resources ManagementX6
Operations ManagementManagementX6
Personnel ManagementManagementX6
Design Thinking - Elective ManagementX6
Entrepreneurship and Opportunity Recognition - ElectiveManagementX6
International Business LawManagementX6
Business Analytics Management - Business AnalyticsX6
Business InteligenceManagement - Business AnalyticsX6
Data MiningManagement - Business AnalyticsX6
Optimization ModelsManagement - Business AnalyticsX6
Regression Analysis and Multivariate Data AnalysisManagement - Business AnalyticsX6
Information Technology and E-BusinessManagement - Services ManagementX6
Management of Innovation in ServicesManagement - Services ManagementX6
Project Management Management - Services ManagementX6
Quality Management and Lean ThinkingManagement - Services ManagementX6
Services ManagementManagement - Services ManagementX6
Advanced Topics in MarketingMarketingX6
Brand ManagementMarketingX6
Consumer BehaviourMarketingX3
Market ResearchMarketingX6
Strategy and OrganizationMarketingX6
International Marketing MarketingX6
Marketing CommunicationsMarketingX3
Marketing AutomationMarketingX3
Services MarketingMarketingX3
Digital Business Models - ElectiveMarketingX3
E-Commerce - ElectiveMarketingX3
E-Content Marketing - ElectiveMarketingX3
Sales Management - ElectiveMarketingX3
Search Marketing - ElectiveMarketingX3
Total ECTSMarketing102171273

Courses Attendance Requirements

At least one course should be previously completed with success in the Masters area of study for which students are applying to.

Undergraduate students are exceptionally accepted if:

  • They are among the top 20% of the students of their course (ranking position) and the main undergraduate courses related to the specific Masters area of knowledge were completed with success.

A minimum of 2 students are required to register for the opening of courses taught in English.

General Assessment Rules

General Assessment Rules Schematics

Important remark

All exams will be held at Católica Porto Business School, according to the academic calendar previously established, and no exceptions will be admitted in what regards dates’ postponements or anticipations, or exams’ location.

Exchange Partners




China - Macau

Czech Replubic











Republic of Croatia


South Korea




United Kingdom

United States of America


A Masters at the School of Economics and Management means going through a complete and rich experience. This experience goes far beyond classes and technical and curricular knowledge. The development of a network of contacts, which promotes professional success, is one of the fundamental aspects of this experience. Contact with colleagues and peers, with teachers (often with relevant business links) with the alumni network (via the mentoring program) is a unique and clearly valued asset for our students. In addition to the rich and intellectually stimulating environment students will have access to various thematic workshops, job search experiences, a set of activities related to the humanist vision of the University (for example volunteering) and also to a set of first experiences in the business world (management games, skills centres, "career day"). The tuna (student’s traditional music group), the welcome moments of new students, the meetings of mentors and mentees, are still some examples of interesting activities that help students to feel part of this community and take advantage of a great experience that can be decisive for their professional lives.

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