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Because "know-how", "know-people" and "know-business" oblige to to the (re) sustained knowledge of values and competences, which is rarely implemented in executive education courses, we offer a demanding and selected training program at these levels, which we consider a distinctive experience.

Percursos Formação Executiva Católica Porto Business School

We want our future graduates to be in business as in life: with CREATIVITY, VERTICALITY, ETHICS and HUMANITY.


International Weeks

International Management Week

Macau, Hong Kong, Shanghai
Week included in the scope of the MBA International

Who attends:

Executives interested in investing or establishing partnerships with Chinese companies. Participants will have contact with Chinese business world as well as insights about the economic, social, political and legal framework of this market.


Support internationalization strategies for companies wishing to invest in China, as well as facilitate the knowledge of the specificities of this market for all executives who want to establish relations with China.
7+2 days;
4.250 € + VAT Macau and Hong Kong
950 € + VAT Extension to Shanghai

Doing Business in Brazil

São Paulo
Week included in the scope of the MBA Atlântico.

Who attends:

Executives interested in knowing in loco the economic, social, political and legal reality of the largest market in Latin America and the largest Portuguese speaking country.


Interacting with the Brazilian business fabric, integrating the networking created with the knowledge acquired in classes aimed at perceiving the way business is done in Brazil.
7 dias;
3.750 € + IVA;
Travel and accommodation included.


Strategic Leadership Hub

Strategic Leadership Hub (SLH) is the strategic platform of Católica Porto Business School in the area of employability, development of soft skills and connection with the business environment and the entire business alumni network. It takes action transversally in the various education levels (undergraduate and masters degrees) and executive education.


In executive education, SLH offers a customized and innovative service -
CEO – Coaching, Events and Opportunities.


Católica Porto Business School is strongly committed to linking up with the business community at national and international level. In addition to being essential to provide development experiences and excellence for our students, this relationship is an added value for the companies that are associated with this project. In this context, the Strategic Leadership Hub assures several initiatives of University-Company articulation.


The differentiation of a Manager is increasingly developing his sensitivity in complementary themes to more technical dimension - such as soft skills - and also to develop a critical eye on his career and dreams. 

Dynargie's intervention within the Soft Skills Portfolio aims to respond to this double challenge, with diversified methodologies, in plenary sessions and sub-groups, through a 49-hour course on the following topics:

  • Presentation Skills
  • People Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Negotiation
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Managing change



The LEAD.lab (Leadership Lab) is a knowledge center of Católica Porto Business School. It views leadership as a process involving les and leaders.


The Service Management Lab (SLab) is a leading competency center of the Católica Porto Business School and has the objective of producing and transferring knowledge for greater productivity, quality and innovation of industries and service-related tasks.


Católica Business Schools Alliance

Catolica Business Schools Alliance is a strategic alliance founded by Católica Porto Business School and Catolica Luanda Business in 2012, after the positive experience gained with the Atlantic MBA and intends to take this cooperation work further, extending it to new programs and partners in the world of lusophony.

AEP – AssociaçãoEmpresarial de Portugal

AEP - Business Association of Portugal, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was founded in Porto on May 3rd, 1849, by a group of entrepreneurs who at the height of the Industrial Revolution realized the need to bet on the training of workers and entrepreneurs as in the promotion of national industry.



There are no two companies the same and every business has its specifics. Being aware of this premise, Católica Porto Business School is prepared to work with each company to design customized programs to their needs and objectives.

Oficina de Líderes

From export to investment and management abroad, internationalization emerges as a priority issue for the portuguese economy and companies. To address this and other issues, Católica Porto Business School created a unique training circle, operating in a format close to a working group.



BBDouro is specialized in the organization and production of corporate nautical events, more specifically Team Building programmes. Sailing, because it is a sport where the team is a fundamental valence, is the only nautical activity that promotes the development of a vast amount of competences, be these individual, teamwork, effectiveness in group work, leadership, motivation and importance of the decision, all at the same time.

BBDouro guarantees a high level of professionalism:

  • In relation with your customers;
  • In the quality of the means at his disposal;
  • In the quality of its services;
  • In the safety of the activity that it performs.

Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Porto

The Porto School of Hotel Management and Tourism is part of the hospitality, catering and tourism sectors and it aims to collaborate in initiatives that allow students to apply their knowledge in real work contexts, allowing the school not only to generate a volume of revenues, but also the dissemination of its prestigious catering services.


Crassh Experience

Crassh Experience provides moments of exposure to the performative context for professionals in business areas, where the contact with performance in the artist's perspective contributes to the personal development of each participant. The artistic expressions used for this process are music and dramatic expression in a CRASSH approach.

High Play Institute

High Play Institute is a consulting firm, founded in 2006, with the objective of implementing services that can respond quickly and comprehensively to the needs of organisations.



U.DREAM (UD) is the first junior social enterprise in the country, totally composed of university students from Porto, Braga and Aveiro (and soon Coimbra and Lisbon). Its main objective is to accompany and fulfill the dream of children which are in a state of health, believing that the personal and professional development of university students is the solution to this and many other social problems.

Junior Achievement Portugal

Created in September 2005, Junior Achievement Portugal is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and prepare children and young people to succeed in a global economy through education and awareness issues such as Citizenship and Ethics, Development of Careers, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy.

Desenvolvimento Integral da Pessoa

The Catholic identity of our University is at the origin of the creation of the UDIP - Unit for the Integral Development of the Person in 2009. The UDIP has every year sought to propose to the Catholic Porto Community a set of initiatives as opportunities for growth and development of abilities and talents. Solidarity, Spirituality, Culture, Peace, Dialogue, Fraternity are key words that give meaning to our activities. Through these we want to transmit values and principles that we consider vital because we believe that they are builders of the common good and based on the human formation of the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Católica Porto Business Alumni

Católica Porto Business Alumni, the Association of Former Students of the Catolica Porto Business School, has as its mission the reinforcement of the visibility, reputation and influence of Catholic and his former students in society.

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