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In an unstoppable city, you should be ready to start the next chapter.

From the beginning, there are bureaucratic issues to deal with, which should not be postponed. You will need a residence permit, a tax number (NIF), a travel pass to get around and, of course, to open a bank account. Below there is some useful information to start your new life in Porto.

Citizen Portal

The citizen portal is your gateway to all official matters related to your stay. Here, you can address almost any issue.

Monthly Travel Pass

If you really want to enjoy the city, you will need to be able to move around the city.

The most suitable option for you is the Porto 13_15 Andante Pass (Andante Porto 13_15), only available to Porto residents and students, and which you can request from the School. However, there is also another type of Andante pass option available that allows you to top up the pass as needed for individual trips.

Travel pass issue points:

  • Andante stores (Lojas andante)
  • Train Ticket Offices (Bilheteiras CP)
  • Automatic Vending Machine
  • PayPal sales points

Opening a Bank Account

Portugal is part of the European Union and the euro is the official currency. Listed below are the requirements to open a bank account and obtain a card so that you can access your money through ATM services:

  • Valid passport/national identification card
  • Tax number (NIF)
  • Residency permit
  • AProof of enrolment from the University
Student accommodation options in Porto

Student accommodation options in Porto

Católica Porto does not have student residences.
Nonetheless, there are private accommodation options available, adjusted to suit your needs.

To ensure that you find the most suitable option, we suggest that you indicate what type of accommodation you are looking for as soon as you contact the International Office.

We recommend that you refer to Católica Porto’s partner for any accommodation matters, just follow the link provided https://studentathome.net/.

All you need to know about Porto’s many neighbourhoods!

Ribeira is the most popular tourist zone. Situated in Porto’s historic centre, it is where all the famous icons of the city can be found, and it takes you back in time. It is close to Baixa, and together these two zones are the liveliest and the main tourist attractions in the city.

Foz is the most upmarket parish. A quiet zone, close to the sea, with old houses scattered amongst more modern buildings, it has an irresistible charm, and if that is not enough, it is very close to Católica.

Cedofeita is the trendiest zone and boasts art galleries, cafés and shops, ideal for those who enjoy a multitude of cultural events. You can go for a stroll in the beautiful gardens of the Palácio de Cristal, eat at themed restaurants, visit galleries and shop at reference and alternative stores.

Baixa lies in Porto’s central zone and is home to the city’s most iconic landmarks: Avenida dos Aliados – Porto’s most grandiose avenue, Praça da Liberdade - the main square, São Bento Train Station (Estação de São Bento) and the Clérigos Tower (Torre dos Clérigos). A maze of streets, cafes, terrace bars and discos liven up this area, both day and night, enhanced by one of the best access points to the city’s transport system.

Matosinhos enjoys a view of the sea. Situated on the edge of Porto, Matosinhos is also a city in its own right, known for its long sandy beach and its fish restaurants. In the summer, you can enjoy all types of beach activities there or just relax on a terrace overlooking the sea.

Paranhos, the discovery zone. The city’s new university zone is filled with innovative ideas and projects, various startups, creative industry and good restaurants – traditional food as well as signature food. If you want to be near a vast community of university students, from several other universities, and an area that is full of life, then this is the place for you!

All you need to know about Porto’s many neighbourhoods!

Porto – Porto’s world of books

In Porto, two town libraries also offer other complementary services.

A place for culture, leisure activities, information and exhibitions where you can find ways to support your studies or just enjoy the space to study.


The Almeida Garrett Municipal Library, nestled amongst the magical and beautiful gardens of the Palácio de Cristal, is an information and a leisure space with a unique environment. In this modern public library, all materials are freely available.


The Municipal Library of Porto has a significant patrimonial aspect and it receives, through the Legal Deposit, all of the books, newspapers and magazines published in Portugal. It is very popular because of its specialised sources.

Let’s get some exercise


In Porto, there is an abundance of places where you can dedicate yourself to sports, whether it is running, walking, cycling, skating or simply enjoying the outdoors. Below there are a few suggestions where you can enjoy all these sports:

  • Brasil Avenue (Avenida Brasil)
  • Matosinhos waterfront (Marginal de Matosinhos)
  • Quinta do Covelo – a city park
  • Parque da Cidade – a city park
  • Parque Oriental da Cidade – a city park
  • Palácio de Cristal’s gardens (Jardins Palácio de Cristal)
  • Parque da Pasteleira – a city park


Have you ever imagined what Porto has to offer in terms of beach sports and water activities? You should make the most of it. The sea is only a stone’s throw away from Católica, with numerous surfing schools where you can sign up and start learning how to surf. However, you can do more than just surf. There are so many other water sports available in Porto like sailing, canoeing, rowing, body boarding to name but a few.

Let’s get some exercise


Shopping in the city is a favourite pastime amongst the Portuguese people, for this reason, you can be sure that you will not be short of choices. 

Santa Catarina and Cedofeita are largely representative of high street retail ranging from traditional stores to the most popular brands of fast fashion. In the Arts Quarter (Quarteirão das Artes), you can either visit an art gallery or shop at alternative concept stores.

If you prefer something with a wider choice, numerous shopping centres are worth a visit. In just one place, you will come across several concepts: restaurants, cinemas, fashion, services and many of the main prestigious international brands. 

Arrábida Shopping
Address: Praceta Henrique Moreira 244 4400, Vila Nova de Gaia

Cidade do Porto
Address: Praça Bom Sucesso, 61

Norte Shopping
Address: Rua Sara Afonso, 105-117, Senhora da Hora

Via Catarina
Address: Rua de Santa Catarina 312-350

Mar Shopping
Address: Avenida Dr. Óscar Lopes, Matosinhos

Gaia Shopping

In an Emergency


S. António Hospital (Hospital S. António)
Largo Prof Abel Salazar - Porto
4099-001 Porto

São João Hospital (Hospital São João)
Al Prof Hernâni Monteiro
4200-319 Porto