LEAD.Lab, a leadership knowledge center housed at Católica Porto Business School, sees leadership as a process involving leaders and followers who interact in a given situation. We believe that team and organizational performance emerges from such an interactive process. LEAD.Lab’s mission is to contribute to a more humane, virtuous and effective leadership. We aim to generate and transfer knowledge according to a two-way process: knowledge emerging from research carried out in organizations is transferred
to them.

LEAD.Lab has created a 360º tool, called “My Leadership – 360º”, for leadership development (details here). “My leadership – 360º” includes five domains (1) Motivations to lead; (2) Personal strengths; (3) Relational strengths; (4) Balance strengths; (5) Effectiveness as a team leader. The tool allows comparing the leader’s self-image with his/her image as portrayed by his/her observers. Through this comparison, the leader may identify strengths and domains in which s/he may improve regarding his/her relationships with others and his/her impact (actual or potential) on the team.

LEAD.Lab also carries out customized team/organizational climate surveys.

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