SLab Director invited for Advisory Board of International Project on Digital Services

SLab Director Rui Soucasaux Sousa was invited for the International Advisory Board of the project “Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services”.The goal of the project is to create a cohesive community of researchers and practitioners to co-create and initiate an aligned research agenda that accelerates the innovation of digitally enhanced advanced services within the United Kingdom (UK).

Rui Sousa, SLab Director, was speaker at the XIV Conference of Executive Digest and Católica Porto Business School: “Digital Transformation – Technology or Strategy?”

On April 17th, the XIV Conference of Executive Digest and of the Católica Porto Business School (CPBS) took place at CPBS, whose motto was: “Digital Transformation – Technology or Strategy?”. Rui Soucasaux Sousa, SLab Director, was one of the members of the roundtable, which was also constituted by Carlos Alves (Information Systems Director at Sogrape Vinhos), […]

SLab researcher presents research project in Australia

From April 17th to 19th, Ricardo Morais, SLab researcher, presented the Idea Puzzle software in five sessions of the world’s biggest and longest-standing conference on doctoral education – Quality in Postgraduate Research, in Adelaide, Australia – as an example of analytical tool, digital research design, usability testing, large-scale survey, and research topic:

From Shared Services Centers to Global Business Services

Vida Económica, 29 march 2018

Newspaper article about the increased investment in Global Business Services centers in business groups. In addition to the investment in Shared Services Centers across the world, with functions normally classified as ‘support’, multinational companies are also relocating Global Business Services, that perform functions classified as ‘strategic’.

Rankings of secondary schools

Vida Económica, 23 February 2018

Newspaper article about benchmarking of Portuguese secondary schools.

‘Academy of Management Learning & Education’ publishes article about new education services designed by a researcher from SLab

The ‘Academy of Management Learning & Education’, the most cited scientific journal of the World in ‘Management Development and Education’, published an article on the software for research design Idea Puzzle created by Ricardo Morais: The ‘Academy of Management (AOM)’ is the leading academic  association of Management of the World with more than 20,000 members in 115 countries. The design of new […]

Rui Sousa, SLab Director, invited to participate as a specialist in the “Thought Leadership Conference on Digital Business Models”

Rui Sousa, SLab Director, was invited to participate as a specialist in the “Thought Leadership Conference on Digital Business Models”, which will take place in the Netherlands next April. This event will bring together international experts from various areas of Management to reflect on the impact of digitalisation on companies business models.

The digital future of retail

Vida Económica, 26 january 2018

Newspaper article about the digitalisation of the retail industry.

Rural consumers also buy online

Vida Económica, 22 December 2017 Newspaper article about rural consumers e-shopping behaviour. Article [in Portuguese].

Industrial strategies based on advanced services

Vida Económica, 24 November 2017 Newspaper article about advanced services and servitization. Article [in Portuguese]