Mission and Objectives

One of the major challenges faced by developing economies in the next few decades is to increase the efficiency, quality and innovation of their service delivery activities. The goal is to emulate the big development in best practices and performance that has taken place in the manufacturing sector.

The Service Management Lab (SLab) is a cutting-edge research centre of Universidade Católica Portuguesa whose purpose is to produce and transfer knowledge that can contribute to increase productivity, quality and innovation of service-related industries and service-related tasks. SLab works closely with the business world to develop projects and research that address concrete problems through a rigorous, independent and multidisciplinary scientific approach. SLab works not only with traditional service providers (retail, distribution, healthcare services, financial services, insurance, consulting, government services, communication, transportation, contact centres, etc.), but also manufacturing firms with a relevant service-delivery component.

SLab Brochure