Partnership Formats

SLab invites a selected group of business partners to collaborate in its activities. There are two standard formats of partnership, each of which is associated with a diverse range of benefits. In addition to these, SLab can offer customized formats tailored to the interests of individual partners.

Standard partnership formats:

  1. Strategic Partners: They form a core group of firms that share challenges in the service management field. These partners have the highest degree of interaction with SLab’s experts, students and other business leaders. They are the major beneficiaries of the research centre’s findings thereby maintaining a close relationship with the activity of the Católica Porto Business School as a whole.
  2. Associate Partner: Associated Partners are firms who wish to keep informed about the Centre’s research results and benefit from the opportunity to participate in events selected by the Centre.

Partners may enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Strategic Partners are part of SLab’s Advisory Board and shape the centre’s strategy and activities, such as the inclusion of new fields of study and the design of education programmes and courses to meet market needs. They also benefit from preferential conditions with regard to the training programs provided by Católica Porto Business School and to the contracting of projects that fit SLab’s mission.
  2. Participation in Roundtables, a gathering place for Partner’s managers, SLab Faculty and guests from outside organisations. Each Roundtable is devoted to a specific topic and may involve a short presentation on a topic or challenge (made by an SLab member, scholars from other national and international organisations, a business leader or an SLab partner firm) followed by a debate.
  3. Regular Research Digests, summarizing the new knowledge produced internationally in the Service Management field (articles, reports, etc.) which are relevant to business.
  4. Invitations to selected seminars and workshops led by national and international experts.
  5. Participation in networking events with other firms, senior executives and high-profile academics in the service sector.
  6. Customised service in the recruitment and selection of students and graduates from Católica Porto Business School.

Please contact us for more details on how to become a partner of SLab.