Digital Economy

Most of the online and multichannel businesses are service providers and they need to be managed differently from traditional services. SLab studies online and multichannel business management from a multidisciplinary perspective, including, among others, the following disciplines: Strategy (e.g. business model), Marketing (e.g. digital marketing, social media), Operations (e.g. logistics, customer service) and Information Systems (e.g. systems architecture).

Examples of questions that can be addressed through projects in this area:

  1. How to design digital business models that drive competitive advantage and are economically sustainable?
  2. How to optimize the several available channels of service delivery in order to increase leads and boost sales?
  3. How to design and manage online fulfilment operations?
  4. How to design excellent multichannel customer experiences, taking advantage of digital technologies?

Examples of projects that were conducted or are being conducted by SLab:

  • Design of fulfilment strategies for a large omnichannel retailer, selling via physical stores and online (with the option of Home Delivery and Click&Collect). The project addressed the retailer’s E-Commerce Unit and involved: i) the development of optimal pricing for the online fees associated with Home Delivery and Click&Collect; ii) recommendations for the design of the fulfilment operations supporting Home Delivery and Click&Collect; iii) development of differentiated pricing and fulfilment strategies for serving rural and urban markets through the online channel. Related Articles here: Article 1Article 2 [in Portuguese].
  • Analysis of customer perceptions of the quality of online banking services (project funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology). The main business results can be found here: Report [in Portuguese].
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour, benchmarking, competition analysis, and development of an online configurator of an e-commerce platform for a machine tools manufacturer.