New Service Design and Customer Experience

Services are often designed in an ad hoc and informal manner. Additionally, many services are oriented towards transactions rather than towards the creation of good customer experiences. SLab develops and applies methodologies for designing services in a structured way that balance customer experience and operational efficiency (Design Thinking from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany, Service Blueprinting, etc.)..

Examples of questions that can be addressed through projects in this area:

  1. How to define the service concept?
  2. How to translate the service concept into a set of well-articulated processes capable of providing a good service experience to customers?
  3. How to redesign the customer and staff experience in the provision of a new service?
  4. Which channels should be used to support the interaction of customers with the service provider? How to design the separation between the service’s front and back offices?
  5. How to choose the location of a new service?
  6. How to design operations in a way that supports efficient service delivery throughout the entire customer experience?
  7. How to organize the new service design process in order to ensure a structured decision-making process and foster the collaboration across the different functions within the firm?
  8. How to implement and maintain an innovation strategy in service firms and in public services?

Examples of projects that were conducted or are being conducted by SLab:

  • Development of a methodology to design and control multichannel services (i.e. combining physical facilities and virtual channels like the Internet and the telephone), with the collaboration of firms from the banking, telecommunications and retail sectors (project funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology). The main managerial results can be found here: Report 1 [in Portuguese]; Report 2 [in Portuguese].
  • Application of an innovative methodology to improve customer experience at an after-sales service of a telecommunications provider by reconciling customer needs and operational efficiency.