Service Process Improvement

SLab diagnoses and improves service delivery processes.

Not all the existing processes within firms work as expected or are designed in a way that optimises flows. SLab analyses service delivery processes and prepares proposals for improvement through the application of proven methodologies (lean, six sigma, quality).

Examples of projects in this area:

  1. Measurement of perceived service quality using customer satisfaction surveys, focus groups, analysis of customer complaints, etc.
  2. Identification of critical points in the quality of service delivery with respect to errors, waiting time, staff training needs, etc.
  3. Identification and elimination of waste in service delivery through the application of the Lean philosophy.
  4. Analysis of ways to increase customer loyalty.
  5. Design of customer service and service recovery systems.

Examples of projects that were conducted or are being conducted by SLab:

  • Mapping and diagnosis of the main service delivery processes of a river cruise service provider to increase perceived service quality.