Rui Sousa, SLab Director, was speaker at the XIV Conference of Executive Digest and Católica Porto Business School: “Digital Transformation – Technology or Strategy?”

On April 17th, the XIV Conference of Executive Digest and of the Católica Porto Business School (CPBS) took place at CPBS, whose motto was: “Digital Transformation – Technology or Strategy?”.

Rui Soucasaux Sousa, SLab Director, was one of the members of the roundtable, which was also constituted by Carlos Alves (Information Systems Director at Sogrape Vinhos), Ferrari Careto (Administrator at EDP Comercial), Nelson Santos de Brito (Client Experience Director at Luz Saúde), e Tiago Simões (Marketing Director at Continente / SONAE MC), that discussed this theme – the potential resulting from the digital transformation of companies, which is enormous both in terms of opportunities and turnover, but is dependent on the combination of two factors: technology and strategy.

The event was also attended by Paulo Moreira (Sonae / Worten Digital Platform & Innovation Coordinator), Sérgio Carvalho (Marketing Director at Fidelidade), Tiago Sousa (Managing Partner at Liminal), Paulo Cunha (Digital Marketing Director at TOYOTA ), Mónica Serrano (Chief Marketing Officer at L’Oréal), responsible for the presentation of the 5 cases of Digital Transformation.

Indeed, he successive waves of technological innovation have shown that business success depends more on how new technologies leverage the business model of the company than just the adoption and use of those technologies. Top management should perform a strategic analysis of these same new technologies before deciding on what to implement and how to implement, analyse and understand their potentialities and limitations, reflect on the impact that technologies will have on their business model and finally, digital transformation requires the timely development of the skills needed to leverage technologies, be it people, information systems or partner ecosystems.

It will be necessary to decide whether, how and when to change the current business model in response to technological innovation. While adopting technologies alone does not guarantee competitive advantage, non-adoption at the right time can lead to competitive disadvantage.