SLab presents its research at international conferences.

SLab recently presented two articles at international conferences related to Servitization and the Digital Economy. The first, entitled “What can servitized manufacturers learn from their customers?”, was presented at the 2019 Servitization Spring Conference that took place in May, in Sweden. This paper analyzes the factors that influence customers’ willingness to buy advanced services in the elevators’ industry, in Portugal. Among other findings, the study concluded that the degree of professionalization of customers, as well as the size of the installed equipment base size, favor the purchase of advanced services. The study provides important clues for manufacturers to work their customer base for better acceptance of advanced services.

The second article, entitled “Assessing the economic value of waiving Click & Collect fulfillment fees in omnichannel retail”, was presented at the 30th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society that took place in the United States, in May 2019. This article is based on a study with a large grocery retailer. The study analyzed the impact of adopting the policy of not charging delivery fees when the customer chooses to pick up their online purchases at a store (Click & Collect delivery mode), rather than choosing to have the goods delivered at home. The study reveals that this policy has both positive and negative impacts on revenue, costs and profits, so that caution is needed in implementing these policies.